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digital pressure gauge / portable - max. 138 bar | HHP350

The OMEGA® HHP350 Series smart manometer guarantees remarkably high accuracy as well as great value to all handheld manometer applications. It has several distinguishing...

digital pressure gauge / portable - max. 2 665 mbar | HHP360

HHP360 is one of the most accurate handheld barometers on the market, being suitable for various demanding applications, especially those that involve working in laboratory...

diaphragm pressure gauge / low-pressure - max. 300 inH2O | PGL-25 series

The 2.5-inch dial is corrosion-resistant...

differential pressure gauge / Bourdon tube - max. 1 000 psi | PGD series

This pressure gauge is a double-strength...

pressure gauge / liquid filled Bourdon tube - max. 5 000 psi | PGF

This pressure gauge is liquid-filled...

pressure gauge / liquid filled Bourdon tube - max. 5 000 psi | PGF

The Bacharach portable manometer is designed to ensure accuracy, readability and portability....

differential pressure indicator / digital / HVAC - -25 mmW ... +2.5 mmW

Bacharach offers everything users want in a draft gauge. They are reliable, service free, small, easy to use and inexpensive.

Contractors and service...

differential pressure gauge / digital / portable - max. 15 bar, -5 °C ... +90 °C | HMG 01

The simple measuring instrument is used for line fittings. It enables hydraulic...

differential pressure gauge / digital / portable - max. 12 bar, -5 °C ... +90 °C | HMG 10

This tool specializes in lightning-fast hydraulic balancing at the radiator with VarioQ valves....

differential pressure gauge / digital / portable - max. 12 bar, -10 °C ... +90 °C | HMG 100

This unit offers software supported measure and oversight of differential pressure and...

capsule pressure gauge - 63 - 100 mm, max. 1 000 mbar

This unit is developed for use in low pressure ranges...

capsule pressure gauge - max. 400 mbar, ø 63 - 100 mm | KFM, RFM

The 63 or 100 mm diameter pressure gauges are designed with capsule...

digital pressure gauge / for industrial application - max. 600 bar | DG-10

This digital pressure gauge may be used in service tasks and for...

process pressure gauge / Bourdon tube / analog / with electrical output signal - max. 600 bar, 4 - 20 mA | PGT23.063

The Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauges with Electrical Output Signal Special features...

pressure gauge / Bourdon tube / stainless steel - Type 131.11

Featuring the latest Bourdon tube pressure gauge model 131.11, widely known as the stainless...

pressure gauge / Bourdon tube / with electrical output signal - 10 mm, 0 - 1 000 bar | PGT23.100, PGT23.160

The best solution in identifying pressure securely, even if the power supply is lost comes model PGT23 intelliGAUGE. Highly remarkable for its advance applications and high performance...

pressure gauge / Bourdon tube / with alarm contact - max. 600 bar | PGS21.1x0

- Control and regulation of industrial processes
- Monitoring of plant and switching of electric circuits
- For gaseous...

digital pressure indicator / precision - max. 1 000 bar | PACE 1000

NEW: Introducing a new high precision Druck pressure indicator, designed for test bench, bench top and panel mount calibration, test and monitoring applications.
The new PACE1000 precision pressure indicator brings together the latest measurement technology from GE to offer an...

trial pressure gauge / digital - 10 - 20 000 psi | DPI 104

The DPI 104 offers microprocessor-controlled pressure measurements using advanced silicon-sensor...

digital pressure indicator / portable - max. 103 inHg | DPI 740 series

GE designed a precision pressure indicator that is called DPI 740. An instrument uses...

digital pressure indicator / portable - max. 700 bar | DPI 705 series

The Druck DPI 705 Series - Handheld Pressure Indicators are state of the art units made by GE. It exhibits a compact design as light weight characteristics...

digital pressure gauge / intrinsically safe - max. 20 000 psi | DPI 104-IS

The DPI 104-IS offers microprocessor-controlled pressure measurements using advanced silicon-sensor...

U pressure gauge / liquid column - 500 mmCE, 670 mbar | GF series

Applications : checking pressures in gas networks within measurement ranges which vary according to the type of manometric liquid used : VF 1 or MERCURY.


liquid column pressure gauge / in U - 0 - 60 mbar | KM series

This equipment is ideal to be used for low pressures in gas networks. It measures 0-45mbar (0-18inWG) and 0-60mbar (0-24inWG)....

liquid column pressure gauge / in U - 870 mmCE, 620 mbar | LU series

Uses: Calculating differences in depression, pressure, or degree of differences in the pressure of gas or air in measuring ranges, which differ consistent with the kind of manometric fluid used : VOLT 1S, AWS 10,...

liquid column pressure gauge / in U - 2 150 mmCE, 1 550 mbar | TJ series

The AWS 10, VOLTS 1S or MERCURY is used for measuring variations of pressure, differential pressure of air or gas within measurement ranges which vary...

inclined tube pressure gauge / liquid column - 0 - 25 mmCE | CP 25

Specially designed for painting booths, the new CP 25 from Kimo is an instrument that measures variations in pressure, depression...

differential pressure gauge / digital / portable - 0 - 100 hPa | testo 510

The TESTO 510 differential pressure meter is a high-quality, cost effective solution for various pressure measurement options. It can operate with pressures ranging from...

digital pressure gauge / portable - 300 - 1 200 hPa | testo 511

The Testo 511 is compact and highly flexible, hand-held pressure measurement device that can provide a range of easily accessed measurement options. Measurement...

digital pressure gauge / portable - 40 - 200 hPa | testo 312-2

The 312-2 manometer from TESTO is used for various water and gas pipeline measurements. It can handle a maximum pressure of...

digital pressure gauge / portable - 300 - 6 000 hPa | testo 312-3

The TESTO 312-3 manometer is often used for various water and gas pipelines measurements. It successfully replaces multiple...

differential pressure gauge / digital / portable - max. 200 hPa | testo 312-4

This TESTO measuring device is a high-performance measuring product that offers all the measurements needed for inspection of gas heaters, pipes, heat water systems...

digital pressure gauge - 14.7 - 25 000 psi | DG25

The Ashcroft® Digigauge® Family is known for its superior quality features in the industry. Ashcroft® digital test gauge bagged numerous awards because of its...

pressure gauge / Bourdon tube / precision - max. 16

±0.1% F.S. accuracy - ASME B40.1 Grade 4A
Ranges from 15-100,000 psi
Solid front protective case
High and low pressure limit stops
Mirror band dial to eliminate parallax reading error
Optional temperature...

trial pressure gauge / Bourdon tube - 4.5 - 8.5

Temperature-compensated movement that significantly reduces temperature error
MicroSpan™ adjustment for ease in span calibration
Hydraulically staked movement with Teflon-coated gears...

trial pressure gauge / Bourdon tube - 3

The Ashcroft Type 1084 is a unit that works well for all sorts of inspections on a local site. This is designed with a Bourdon tube and socket body made with Type 316 stainless...

process pressure gauge / Bourdon tube - 4.5

TYPE 1259 PROCESS PRESSURE GAUGE, ASME B 40.1 enjoys a unique sturdiness along with its solid front safety case. It is an accurate and a precise...

differential pressure gauge / diaphragm / explosion-proof - ATEX, IP65 | Magnehelic® AT22000 series

AT22000 Series is a Magnehelic® differential pressure gauge that for measurements and display of positive, negative and differential pressures, with the accuracy level of 2% and IP66 protection rating....

differential pressure gauge / capsule - max. 500 psig | Capsuhelic® 4000 series

The Capsuhelic gauge is one of the most advanced devices of its kind, being able to produce accurate and fast indication of variables such as differential pressure. In addition to this, users can...

differential pressure gauge / digital - DigiMag® DM-1000 series

Differential pressure - gauge available from Dwyer is a device that can be made use for monitoring pressure of compatible gases and also air just as the previous...

differential pressure gauge / diaphragm / switch - ATEX, IP66 | Photohelic®AT23000MR/3000MRS

The Series AT23000MR and AT23000MRS ATEX is approved by Photohelic® and uses solid state technology to present the services of Switch/Gages. These switches present the integrated functions of differential pressure switches over a clearly displayed analog...

differential pressure gauge / diaphragm / switch - Photohelic® 3000MR/3000MRS series

The design of Series 3000MR and 3000MRS Photohelic® switch/gages incorporates the function of a precise, highly repeatable differential pressure switch with a large analog gauge for simplifying reading.


digital pressure gauge - max. 1 000 MPa | ISE10 series

ZSE10/ISE10 compact, digital pressure switch has been reduced in height by...

digital pressure gauge - max. 0.97 MPa | ISE3 series

SMC designed a device that allows the calibration of two independent outputs....

digital pressure indicator - 96 x 48 mm, PROFIBUS-DP | JUMO di 308

The Jumo di 308 is made to display temperatures in Fahrenheit or Celsius, in a sensible digital display. It uses an analog input, two binary inputs, two relay outputs and two additional...

digital pressure gauge / for pressure calibration - 4 – 20 mA | IKA 500

This machine is equipped with up to two modular precision sensors and an optional barometric reference. It is primarily used as transfer...

digital pressure gauge / for pressure calibration - -1 bar ... +700 bar | IKA 200

The IKA 200 Series, manufactured by Leyro, is a reference pressure gauge equipped with...

digital pressure gauge / portable / HVAC - max. 6 bar | HD21x4 series

The HD21X4 series is manufactured by Delta OHM, and is a range of measuring unit that is integrated with huge LCD display. The absolute, relative and differential pressure and...

digital pressure gauge / portable - HD2114

The HD2114 is a hand-held digital manometer manufactured by Delta OHM. This product...

pressure gauge / Bourdon tube - max. 400 bar | MS-100K

The MS-100 K Series, manufactured by Aplisens, is an industrial pressure gauge equipped...

pressure gauge / Bourdon tube / with diaphragm seal - max. 400 bar | MS-100

The MS-100 Series, manufactured by Aplisens, is an industrial pressure gauge equipped...

digital pressure indicator - 25 - 1 000 bar, ±0.25 % ... ±0.1 % | DPM-500

The DPM-500 is a digital pressure indicator that is available in 32 intervals....

digital pressure gauge / intrinsically safe - 25 mbar ... 350 bar | T210-IS

Ranges*: Min.:0-25 mbar Max.:0-350 bar
Interval current : + 30 mA
Accuracy : 0,1 % de lectura + 2µA

digital pressure gauge / explosion-proof - 1050 - 1 mbar, ATEX | VD82EX

The VD82 is a digital vacuum meter that is integrated with an outside detachable sensor head made of stainless steel. The sensor...

digital pressure indicator - VD6

The VD6 is a 1 channel vacuum display and control device that has been developed to be mounted via on a panel. It features a relay monitor on its front panel which enables...

digital pressure indicator - VD9

The VD9 is a vacuum display and control unit manufactured by Thyracont. It is suitable for applications in apparatus and plant engineering or special equipment construction.

The unit features an...

digital pressure indicator - VD9

The MPV is a piezo-resistive pressure sensor manufactured by AirCom. It is suitable for use in converting input pressure into a digital electrical signal.

The sensor has a standard voltage...

pressure gauge / Bourdon tube - 1/8

This bourdon tube pressure gauge is characterized by its dust, splash, oil and silicone proof construction. It...

pressure gauge / Bourdon tube / stainless steel - 1/8

This is a pressure gauge with Bourdon tube or capsule,which is dust-protected and splash-proof. The capsule type gauge has an integrated restrictor against pressure peaks. All of the media compliant with stainless steel like compressed air, gases or fluids . It has...

pressure gauge / Bourdon tube - SPG series

The SPG Series is manufactured by STAUFF. It is a bourdon tube pressure gauge that...

digital pressure gauge - SPG-DIGI series

The SPG-DIGI is manufactured by Stauff, and is a digital pressure gauge that is ideal for use in measuring and displaying pressures in hydraulic systems, specifically for oils, lubricants, and water....


How to choose this product


A pressure gauge is an instrument which measures the absolute, relative or differential pressure of liquids or gases.


These gauges are used in industrial processes involving fluids, either liquid or gas.


Liquid column pressure gauges used in HVAC systems are precise but fragile.

Bourdon tube gauges have a fluid-filled tube closed at one end. As pressure changes on the fluid via the open end, the closed end moves in an arc. A connecting mechanism transfers this motion to the device's needle. They can measure pressure on non-viscous, non-crystallizing fluids up to four kilobars, but cannot measure rapid pressure changes.

Diaphragm models are for fluids up to 40 bars, and viscous or crystallizing fluids, so long as the reference face is open. Capsule pressure gauges are used to measure gases up to 600 millibars.

Absolute pressure manometers use a vacuum reference chamber to measure pressures to 100 bars, independent of atmospheric pressure. Differential pressure manometers feature two ports connected to sealed volumes separated by a capsule or bellows.

The gauge needle can be replaced by a transducer for remote measuring. Conversion can be potentiometric, capacitive, inductive, or use an extensometer or piezoelectric gauge. The two latter conversion techniques have good frequency response and require the use of low-noise connecting cables.

How to choose

Choice of a pressure gauge depends on its operating environment, including temperature, nature of the fluid, range and dynamics of the pressures to be measured and overpressure.

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