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Presenting a revolutionary new product the Illuminated push button modules by PepperL+Fuchs....

push-button box stainless steel - NBG series

These NBG assembly housings are specifically designed to be used in applications that...

push-button box hanging - IP66 | 800FC

Bulletin 800FC Pendant Stations make use of the time-conserving...

push-button box - FJS

The FJS is specifically designed to provide a high quality performance and functionality among its users and operators. The...

push-button box - FJL

AUTEC safety remote controls are authentically designed for applications with preference to linear levers like hydraulic cranes. Inclined surface mounted joysticks organized in a row offers high accessibility...

push-button box - FJM

The Autec FJM safety remote control offers a customizable with up to 8 joysticks and few additional actuators. This product is equipped with a large transmitter which produces...

push-button box - A4

The A4 is a compact pushbutton handset. It consist of 4 pushbuttons. It has a frequency scan that allows...

push-button box - A6

The A6 is a compact pushbutton handset. It consist of 6 pushbuttons. It has a frequency scan that allows frequencies...

push-button box - A6

The Ispection Box consists of contacts with pins bounded directly on PCB. It is also designed...

push-button box - A6

Giovenzana's Hanging Push-Button Box is part of the company's product line of lift-related components and...

push-button box - A6

The Giovenzana International offers an array of elevator pit bottom push-button stations, recall drive control units and...

push-button box - A6

The enclosures, manufactured by Baco, are designed with 1 up to 5 holes and is available in gray and...

push-button box - A6

The Push-Button Box is manufactured with markings beside the control buttons....

push-button box compact - 434.7775 MHz | JK200

The JK200 is manufactured by Juuko and is a transmitter unit that features an easy-to-grip...

push-button box - Charlie

Charlie Pendant Station is a control equipment that fits all industrial machinery....

push-button box - Mike

Mike is a pendant regulation halt used for regulating the industrial machines. This auxiliary regulator reacts on the motor of the machine via power interface like a contactor or PLC. It is an industrial regulator halt engineered...

push-button box - NPA-CP

The NPA-CP is a pendant station designed to allow direct control of every type of industrial machinery. It is ideal for heavy-duty work in the industrial market. Protection is guaranteed against dust,...

push-button box - Victor

The Victor control station is a wall-mounted model made for controlling industrial machines. The auxiliary control works on the machine’s motor through PLC logic or an interface, which can be a relay or contactor....

push-button box - Juliet-PK

The Juliet-PK by TER SRL is a push button box having a joy stick designed for all types of industrial machines. The unit...

push-button box - TM70/5 & TM70/6

Up to 4 multi axis on/off joysticks
24 position rotary switches

push-button box - TM70/7& TM70/8

Up to 4 single axis levers
128 step resolution each direction
24 position...

push-button box - TM70/C

Customized for you
Any combination of joysticks or levers
24 position rotary...

push-button box hanging - TG

The HETRONIC TG is a large and robust transmitter with push-buttons, which can also be operated easily while wearing...

push-button box - FB series

IDEC now offers plastic enclosures for HW, TW and XW 22mm switches and pilot devices. These enclosures are available in three sizes and can be used to mount up to five 22mm switches....

push-button box - 147 series

Standard switch box mounting

Stainless steel

The Edwards 147-1 Push Button Switch...

push-button box stainless steel - CFA 7603 series

Three maintained contacts, one momentary contact

Stainless steel faceplate

Heavy duty push button

"Emergency" engraved units available


push-button box stainless steel - CFA 7613 series

Two maintained contacts, one momentary contact

Stainless steel faceplate

Heavy duty push button

"Emergency" engraved units available

White "call...

push-button box - PK series

Backed by the experience and knowledge acquired in over 25 years of activity in the lift sector, Pizzato Elettrica confirms its capacity of proposing, even in new sectors, innovative solutions which succeed in combining an extremely practical and flexible operation with an accurately detailed linear design.
The new EL series lift control...

push-button box - PK series

Push button interfaces 2-fold and 4-fold ...

... allow standard push buttons and switches to be bus-connected.

Push button devices combined with standard switches...

push-button box hanging - SBI

SBI Pendant Pushbutton Stations provides optimum control & performance in the the palm of your hand.

Magnetek proudly offers SBI Pendant Pushbutton Stations....

push-button box hanging - SBP®

With most models weighing under two pounds, this slim-line pendant rests easily and comfortably in the palm of your hand. SBP is available in 2 to 12 button configurations, single, two or three speed designs, momentary or maintained on/off, and with a variety...

push-button box hanging - SBP2®

Featuring a lightweight, ergonomic design, SBP2 Pendant Pushbutton Stations provide optimum control and performance with less effort and fatigue than traditional pendants.

SBP2 was designed to survive...

push-button box fiberglass - N4X-FG-PB series

• Three pushbutton layouts available 1-7 cover holes
• Lift...

push-button box hanging - Woodhead® Watertite®

Molex Watertite® pendant stations are designed to handle the most demanding industrial environments, and at the same time, use ergonomics to be accommodated in an operator's hand. Depending on requirements, customizations of 2-, 4-, 6-, 8-, 10-, and 12-button pendant stations are allowed by unlimited combinations....

push-button box stainless steel - IP66, IK10, Nema 1,2,3r,4x,12 | GEO series

DELVALLE® manufactures the GEO series which are push-button and junction boxes that are watertight and are polished with Aisi 304 EN-14301 stainless steel....

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