digital pyrometer / portable
digital pyrometer
ST 485

Temperature: -50 °C - 800 °C

Universal hand held pyrometer with cross-laser and 20:1 optic measuring range: -50 ... +800°C

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portable pyrometer / portable / with video module / industrial
portable pyrometer

Temperature: 200 °C - 3,000 °C

... display enables an easy and correct alignment of the pyrometer to the measuring object. This is safer – especially in harsh industrial environments than the view visors often used in high temperature pyrometers. - ...

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DIAS Infrared
pyrometer without display / surface-mount
pyrometer without display

Temperature: 600 °C - 1,100 °C

The Radiation Pyrometer by Meggitt is mainly designed with a modern and sophisticated finish to enhance its features and performance. The pyrometer is considered as a non-intrusive sensor which directly ...

pyrometer without display / fixed
pyrometer without display

The flame scanner 3.31 utilizes a new concept of the UV-flame radiation analysis. A photo element senses the modulated UV-radiation released during the fuel pyrolysis. The intensity of flame depends on the concentration and modulation ...

pyrometer without display / fixed
pyrometer without display
80 - 2000 °C | SH15/SLE

... the heating process at the required temperature values. The reduced overall dimensions allow an easy integration of the pyrometer in automatic production systems.

pyrometer without display / stationary
pyrometer without display

Piros pyrometers are non-contact measuring thermometers with analog outputs. They complement the Piros infrared sensor range with switching performance in the OSA/OKA/OKB range, which have been tried and tested for ...

thermocouple pyrometer / digital / built-in / RS485
thermocouple pyrometer

Temperature: -40 °C - 85 °C

The TDXM-DC now gives you a unique configurable temperature scanner/pyrometer with a built-in power supply. A new design features a 7-character, 7-segment Liquid Crystal Display window with 1/2 inch (13 mm), easy-to-read ...

thermocouple pyrometer / digital
thermocouple pyrometer

Temperature: -40 °C - 150 °C

The TDX6 is an advanced design six-point temperature scanner and pyrometer. It continually scans up to six thermocouples and sequentially displays the thermocouple number and its reading. Each sensor input has a field ...

digital pyrometer / USB
digital pyrometer

Temperature: 385 °C - 1,800 °C

... cooling operate at 85ºC Lasers automatically cut out at 50ºC Digital Detection and Alarm Output The Series 5000 Digital Infrared Pyrometer Sensors have been engineered to meet the harshest environments in the steel and ...