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10 products EMKA
EMKA 3A-120 series
3A-120 series EMKA

With adapter the maximum door gauge...

EMKA 3A-140 series
For padlock 3A-140 series EMKA

With adapter the maximum door gauge...

EMKA 3A-420 series
For glass door 3A-420 series EMKA

Swinghandle for glass doors...

EMKA 3C-750 series
With combination lock 3C-750 series EMKA

Swinghandle* with combination...

new EMKA IP65 | 3E-540 series
For padlock IP65 | 3E-540 series EMKA

Favourable unlocking of the handle by an additional push button Additional locking by padlock...

3 products SOUTHCO
SOUTHCO H3-EM series
Electromechanical with integrated access control H3-EM series SOUTHCO

The H3-EM Electronic Locking Swinghandle can easily accommodate a variety of rack sizes and configurations with its simple, single-hole panel preparation. Fits industry standard panel preps...

SOUTHCO max. 250 N (56 lbf), IP66 | H3 series
Cam latch max. 250 N (56 lbf), IP66 | H3 series SOUTHCO

The swinghandle nests into the housing for minimal protrusion and pops up to swing smoothly for easy latch actuation. Robust die-cast zinc construction provides durable, corrosion-resistant performance,...

SOUTHCO 580 N (130 lbf), IP66 | CR series
Cam latch 580 N (130 lbf), IP66 | CR series SOUTHCO

This heavy duty swing-handle latch design enhances vandal-resistant security and provides three points of engagement for even gasket compression in environmental, EMI, and RFI sealing applications. The...

3 products DIRAK
video DIRAK
Lowprofile DIRAK

Low profile swinghandle. Double insulated. The Swinghandle can be locked with 40mm long profile-cylinders (DIN 18252), cylinder, combination lock...

video DIRAK

- 1, 2 and 3 point cams - Electronic...

new video DIRAK 9.5 SNAP-LINE
Snap mount quarterturn and hinge 9.5 SNAP-LINE DIRAK

Captive Fastener with two installation systems. 1. U-shaped spring for pre-assembly into the front sheet. 2. D-SNAP technology for final assembly into the rear sheet. Joins doors, covers, rack drawers...

Camlock Systems Ltd 7025 series
7025 series Camlock Systems Ltd

This swing handle provides the functionality of a single or multi-point manual latching...

1 products Industrilas

Low profile swing handle with insert for...

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