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integrated handle - 3A-120 series

The Swinghandle model 1107 manufactured by Emka Beschlagteile is made out of a GF black...

integrated handle / for padlocks - 3A-140 series

EMKA is offering a range of quarter-turn locks and cams to suit customers needs. Swing...

glass door handle / retractable - 3A-420 series

Black polyamide swinghandles, small ones for glass doors. The handle is made of zinc...

integrated handle / with combination locks - 3C-750 series

The EMKA swing handle 1150 is designed fro single point or multiple point locking systems....

integrated handle - H3-EM series

The H3-EM Electronic Locking Swing handle from Southco is designed for industrial applications such as those in data centers, industrial enclosures, self-service, secure storage,...

integrated handle - H3-EM series

Low profile swinghandle. Double
The Swinghandle can be locked with
40mm long profile-cylinders
(DIN 18252), cylinder, combination
lock or insert.

integrated handle - H3-EM series

The 2-090 Series manufactured by Dirak is a swing handle RS PrC unit that is suitable for...

integrated handle - Series 7025

This swing handle provides the functionality of a single or multi-point manual latching...

integrated handle - Series 7025

Low profile swing handle with insert for...

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