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pressure impulse test stand - max. 250 bar | BCEP series

he pulsing pressure testing bench of Ineltec has the ability of generating air, gas or liquid...

pressure impulse test stand - max. 250 bar | BCEP series

The rupture testing bench of Ineltec are tailor made according to the...

pressure impulse test stand - max. 250 bar | BCEP series

The Ineltec's testing benches of bursting have been designed to perform tests of resistance...

pressure impulse test stand - max. 250 bar | BCEP series

SurePeel is an automated tensile tester that utilizes a force transducer to measure the seal strength of flexible barrier materials and packaging. SurePeel is an ideal tool for performing ASTMs F88...

leak-proofing test bench / for valves - max. 500 mbar | TC 1-3 series

Tightness controls are made to check two safety valves, with adjustable test periods, to different inlet pressures,...

fuels and lubricants testing test stand - TKGT 1

The SKF portable grease test kit is designed for analysis of grease-on-the-go in the field through years of extensive research and groundbreaking Tribology expertise. Grease is an important...

torque test stand - BLM series

Atlas Copco BLM Joint Simulator Bench AD ensures highest flexibility in evaluation of tools. It supports evaluation of DC electric, clutch, impulse and battery tools and torque wrenches.

The behavior of an actual joint is simulated...

bogie test stand - MULTIRAIL® BogieLoad pro

Perfection and efficiency are two of the detrimental factors for bogies during inspections. The MULTIRAIL® BogieLoad comes with a cutting edge technilogy of today's generation. The main highlight is its fully electromechanical design with spindle technology...

bogie test stand - MULTIRAIL® BogieLoad plus

The MULTIRAIL® BogieLoad plus presents the perfect solution for ongoing maintenance work offering high performance with value for money. The MULTIRAIL® is an advanced, modern and cutting edge...

bogie test stand - ULTIRAIL® BogieLoad eco

There are two decisive factors when it comes to bogies during inspection, efficiency and precision. And if an application requires these, the BogieLoad by MULTIRAIL will definitely be useful. The electromechanical...

large-bearing test stand - ø max. 3.5 m, 15 t | Astraios

The new Astraios is one of the world's most modern,huge and highest performing large-size bearing test rig. It enables enables large-size bearings of up to 15 tons, measuring up to 3.5 meters just like the ones used in wind...

large-bearing test stand - ø max. 3.5 m, 15 t | Astraios

This mobile burst test unit was developed by Schuler to provide on the spot analysis of the deformability or forming properties of materials in addition to the analysis of the weld seam...

catalyst test station - TPDRO 1100

Thermo Scientific* TPDRO 1100 has been inventively engineered with precision in order to meet the needs and requirements of characterization of heterogeneous supported catalysts along with reactive solids. There is automated preparation of sample and its activation over the reactor in tandem with the analyses of other...

filter test stand - 336 cm² | Lab Unit M10

Alfa Laval's Lab Unit M10 is the most compact and smallest cross-flow membrane filtration module compatible with a wide range of Alfa Laval flat sheet membranes for ultrafiltration...

filter test stand - LabStak M20

Alfalaval's LabStak M20 is a flexible and adaptable plate-and-frame testing unit. It...

membrane filter test bench - BEVCHECK PLUS

The BEVCHECK PLUS represents a hand-held solution for the automated testing of membrane filters in beverage applications via the pressure decay method. This unit is designed to control...

membrane filter test bench - BEVCHECK PLUS

The Hoerbige are high performance test benches designed for the automotive industry....

leak-proofing test bench / HEPA filter - FTC

The Donaldson Filter Test Center serves to determine the filter efficiency of sterile and ventilation filters via DOP test procedure. The process computer takes over the user guidance...

membrane filter test bench - max. 6 bar | Membra-Check

The Donaldson Membra-Check is used for both hydrophilic and hydrophobic membrane filters. It is an easy to...

membrane filter test bench - max. 6 bar | Membra-Check

GE's silt density index (SDI) and Sepa scale-up process equipment hastens your project with on location silt density analysis...

fuel cell test station - max. 130 V, max. 100 kW

This PEFC short stack evaluation and testing equipment features a gas supply line, moisturizing line, cooling line, cell performance line and safety line. This highly compact model is fully standalone and allows the production of mixed gas, with freely adjustable ratio, as volume and mixing ratio...

torque test stand - 100 - 15 000 Nm | LDP series

The LDP series measures static and dynamic torque up to 15.000Nm. LÖSOMAT offers 3 versions of torque testing...

torque test stand - 100 - 15 000 Nm | LDP series

The hand operated tensile test device, manufactured by Munsch, is a test...

concentricity test stand - 32501

The Test control unit 32501 model is capable of measuring the concentric and the impact of various quantities. It has a robust design which makes it usable in the...

concentricity test stand - 32506

The 32506 model is an modifiable test control unit that is ideal for use in measuring concentricity, impact, and rectangles. The unit has a rigid layout,...

concentricity test stand - 32506

The Burst Test Stand, developed by Universal Hydraulik, can be used to analyse parts, to measure...

leak-proofing test bench / hydraulic - 100 - 630 bar

The tightness stand is made of a power unit, electrical control and three test cabs. The cabs are divided into different test pressures:...

proof pressure test stand / burst / automatic / hydraulic - 250 - 2 000 bar

It has 2 stage pressure transmitter of 250 bar, which has cubic capacity of 3 liters and 2000 bar, which has cubic capacity of 0.2 liters. Both pressure stages can be...

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