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The Burst Test Stand, developed by Universal Hydraulik, can be used to analyse parts, to measure...

waterprofing test bench / hydraulic - 100 - 630 bar

This tightness test stand essentially consists of a power unit, electrical control and three test cabs.

These accessible cabs are partitioned...

proof pressure test stand / automatic / hydraulic - 250 - 2 000 bar

Two stage pressure transmitter 250 bar with 3 litres cubic capacity and 2000 bar with 0,2 litres cubic capacity
In both pressure stages...

engine test stand / for laboratories - max. 4 mN.m, 4 W | Micro Dyne

Finally a Micro Dyne system designed specifically for your micro motors!

With over 50 years experience in dynamometer design and torque measurement, Magtrol has revolutionized the industry. Magtrols NEW Micro Dyne, capable of measuring extremely...

engine test stand / for laboratories - max. 4 mN.m, 4 W | Micro Dyne

This Custom Motor Test System is designed for the testing of
steam turbine engines. The dynamometers...

hose test bench - 2

The BE 2500 Series, manufactured by Techmaflex®, has a 3/16" up to 2" indicative...

valve test stand - 20 - 200 bar

The unit is a pressure test bench that is ideal for use in testing hoses. The machine measures...

valve test stand - 20 - 200 bar

The hand operated tensile test device, manufactured by Munsch, is a test...

valve test stand - 20 - 200 bar

The Torque Tester manufactured by Dynamic motion is used for testing the medical equipments. This device is created...

valve test stand - 20 - 200 bar

The Automotive/Aeronautical Test Stand, manufactured by Quiri, which features static pressurization, bursting and leak testing, dynamic pulsed high-pressure testing, and characterization...

membrane filter test bench - max. 200 ml/min | HTY-FT221

The HTY-FT221 by Hangzhou Tailin Bioengineering Equipments Co is a membrane filter test bench which features its mini size and superior sensitivity. For this unit, it comes with various standard...

membrane filter test bench - max. 200 ml/min | HTY-FT221

The Low-powered IR benches are capable of being configured in order to suit...

membrane filter test bench - max. 200 ml/min | HTY-FT221

The Controllo Forza Spostamento from LDP Italia is a tool capable of providing sets of points on a Cartesian plane, having force and displacement...

traction test stand / manual - Handy

The Handy is manufactured by Herz, and is a...

peel force test stand / motorized - Teston Mini Digital

The testing machine is specifically manufactured for checking the peel forces, shear forces and...

membrane filter test bench - Scepter®

Scepter® Modules for Testing

For new applications there is usually the need to test the membrane on the process fluid. The testing program is often a two-step process. Step 1 is often termed a feasibility test and is useful to generate samples for lab analysis to ensure the proper...

avionics test stand - 100 KHz - 3000 MHz | ATB-7300

The ATB-7300 is a comprehensive, configurable test platform for avionics system and component test. Applications include R&D, manufacturing,...

avionics test stand - T1200 series

Aeroflex's T1200 Series of avionics test equipment is designed for accurate testing of equipment used in communication of ARINC 429 avionics....

test stand for the automotive industry - DTS-PS

Automotiv Test System DTS-PS

Test system for on-board charger, auxiliary heating, etc.


hose test bench - PCTB1500, PCTB2500


Optional electronic model with programmable control
including paper printout
1/2" polycarbonate safety window
Safety lock to...

traction test stand / automated - 280 mm | TestOn

Tensiometer for tensile and shear test of membranes with CompactFlash memorycard for recording...

traction test stand / automated - 135 W | TestOn mini

TestOn mini

Voltage V ~ 90 - 264

traction test stand / automated - 135 W | TestOn mini

The Handy tensile shear...

traction test stand / automated - 5 - 30 t | 1900

Always attentive to the customer's requirements, TECNA introduces a complete range of machines, called "Strength Test 1900", with capacities from 5000 N to 300.000 N, and provides both bench and floor versions, designed to monitor the quality of the joints either...

traction test stand / automated - 5 - 30 t | 1900


PC controlled, fully automatic test system
test possibilities:

motor test stand - 5 500 V, 100 mA

Motortest system MEA

High voltage test up to 5500VAC / 100 mA
Inductance test...

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