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Thermo Scientific - Scientific Instruments and Aut TPDRO 1100
Catalyst testing station TPDRO 1100 Thermo Scientific - Scientific Instruments and Aut

Thermo Scientific* TPDRO 1100 is a time-saving, high precision instrument designed for the characterization of heterogeneous supported catalysts and reactive solids. TPDRO performs automatically and simultaneously...

2 products Alfa Laval
Alfa Laval 336 cm² | Lab Unit M10
Filter 336 cm² | Lab Unit M10 Alfa Laval

This module can be used with Alfa Laval’s large number of flat sheet membranes for ultrafiltration and microfiltration. The Alfa Laval LabUnit M10 is the ideal tool for training purposes and for...

Alfa Laval LabStak M20
Filter LabStak M20 Alfa Laval

Flexible plate-and-frame test unit for RO, NF, UF, and MF flat...


In addition to conventional tensile testing, Schuler also performs bursting strength testing on the tube material. For this purpose Schuler has developed a mobile burst test unit, which the company also...

1 products HAWE Hydraulik
HAWE Hydraulik max. 700 bar, max. 500 l/min
Universal hydraulic test stand max. 700 bar, max. 500 l/min HAWE Hydraulik

Complete hydraulic systems and test facilities To satisfy all your hydraulic...

1 products DONALDSON

The FTC is used to test the integrity of sterile depth filter via DOP test procedure. Ease of operation and a menu driven user interface are the features of the FTC. All...

GE Water & Process Technologies
HEPA filter leak GE Water & Process Technologies

Stop fouling and speed up your project with on location silt density collection and analysis You need to clearly understand how your system is...

1 products Maximator GmbH
Maximator GmbH
Fatigue Maximator GmbH

With the pressure fatigue testing conducted on Maximator´s highly engineered impulse test benches the fatigue...

video Time Electronics CalBench
Calibration and CalBench Time Electronics

CalBench is a custom built work station for industrial test facilities and calibration laboratories. A wide...

Aurel Automation ALS300MM
Calibration and ALS300MM Aurel Automation

Transport system for the device. Heating and cooling zones, testing areas under pressure, gas, humidity or other custom requirements. This line includes: AUREL Laser...

2 products MAGTROL
MAGTROL max. 4 mN.m, 4 W | Micro Dyne
Motor test stand for laboratory max. 4 mN.m, 4 W | Micro Dyne MAGTROL

Finally a Micro Dyne system designed specifically for your micro motors! With over 50 years experience in dynamometer design and torque measurement, Magtrol has revolutionized the industry. Magtrols...


This Custom Motor Test System is designed for the testing of steam turbine engines. The dynamometers...

3 products DEWETRON

The DEWE-2600-CA2-PROF is a predefined...

Test rig for the automotive industry DEWE-RLD DEWETRON

The DEWE2-M4-RLD-12 is a predefined...

Automotive/aeronautical test stand DEWE-FT DEWETRON

The DEWE-2601-FT is a predefined...

4 products CLAVEL
Hose test stand BE 100A CLAVEL

Maximum test pressure: 1400 or 2000 bars. Testing unit dimensions: L 1400 x W 1400 x H 500 mm. Test fluid: water-in-oil emulsion, hydraulic...

Hose test stand BE 462 CLAVEL

- Model with stand. - Maximum pressure : 1600...

Hose test stand BE 197 CLAVEL

Technical specifications: Maximum pressure: 400 bars. Connections : female G½. Tank:...

Hose test stand BE 220 CLAVEL

Technical specifications : Maximum presure : 1400 bars. Testing unit dimensions : 2000 x 800 x 300 mm. Test fluid : water. Tank 70 l with pump...

1 products TECHMAFLEX
Hose test stand 2 ", 2500 bar | BE 2500 TECHMAFLEX

Caractéristiques techniques : Capacité indicative: 3/16" up to 2" Pression maxi.: 2500 bar Connection flexibles:...

1 products QUIRI
Automotive/aeronautical test stand QUIRI

MECHANICAL TEST RIGS Rigs for automotive, railway, aerospace and civil engineering testing : - Seating test rigs - Safety belt test rigs - Suspension component test rigs -...

1 products CHINO
CHINO max. 130 V, max. 100 kW
Fuel cell test station max. 130 V, max. 100 kW CHINO

The equipment is PEFC type short stack evaluation test equipment consisted of gas supply line, moisturizing line, cooling line, cell performance line and safety line. Features Standalone and compact equipment Mixed...

Universal Hydraulik GmbH
Burst test stand Universal Hydraulik GmbH

Universal Hydraulik GmbH offers test stands to analyse parts, to measure series production, and to test the burst pressure...

Universal Hydraulik GmbH 100 - 630 bar
Hydraulic leak test stand 100 - 630 bar Universal Hydraulik GmbH

This tightness test stand essentially consists of a power unit, electrical control and three test cabs. These accessible cabs are partitioned...

Universal Hydraulik GmbH 250 - 2 000 bar
Automatic hydraulic proof pressure/burst test stand 250 - 2 000 bar Universal Hydraulik GmbH

Two stage pressure transmitter 250 bar with 3 litres cubic capacity and 2000 bar with 0,2 litres cubic capacity In both pressure stages...

1 products NORELEM
Concentricity 32501 NORELEM

Note: Test control unit suitable for measurements of concentricity, impact and rectangles. Its robust design means the test control unit can be used in the workshop and in the precision measurement...

Lösomat - Schraubtechnik Neef GmbH 100 - 15 000 Nm | LDP series
Torque 100 - 15 000 Nm | LDP series Lösomat - Schraubtechnik Neef GmbH

Static and dynamic torque measurement up to 15.000Nm LÖSOMAT offers three different types of Torque Testing Benches. From stationary to mobile...

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