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The new premium reversible Drum Vac system by EXAIR comes complete with a 30, 55 or 110 gallon drum, being ready to use for specific applications. The high-powered vacuum fills...

The EXAIR 110-gallon liquid reversible Drum Vac™ are used for various industrial cleaning applications, with vacuuming of coolants, hydraulic oils, spills, sludge, tramp oil or waste water. The drum is emptied via...

adjustable vacuum pump - max. 2 294 slpm

EXAIR's Adjustable E-Vac® is a series of low cost,
compressed air powered vacuum generators where...

high vacuum pump - 37 l/min

The Chemical Duty Pump and High Output Pump are equipped with a 1/4" diameter tube that is 70 cm long. Both are engineered...

laboratory vacuum pump - 6 - 16 l/min | Millivac™

The Millivac vacuum pump unit is engineered with small diaphragm layout in compact and low maintenance design. It offers stabilized vacuum...

laboratory vacuum pump - 21 l/min | RE3022C

Stuart's RE3022C is a compact vacuum pump with long-life PTFE heads and diaphragm. The tool is designed to withstand the challenging role of a chemical...

vacuum pump for medical applications - max. 500 l/min | SO-550

SMTmax SO-550 is a unit that can collect float mote during dental operations. An impressive feature is the fact that all the vacuumed air is processed with the use of a special built-in filter. The device can...

vacuum pump for medical applications - max. 500 l/min | SO-750

The Dry Dental Vacuum Unit SO-750 from SMTmax functions as a collector of float mote during a dental...

vacuum pump for medical applications - max. 500 l/min | SO-750

The Oilless Dental Vacuum Pump from SMT Max operates with a voltage rating...

vacuum pump - 300 Nl/min | VCTG-10

The VCTG-10 model, manufactured by Fukoku Corporation, is a quick vacuum lift that features...

laboratory vacuum pump - 25 l/min | HTY-30A

HTY-30A is a specialized vacuum pumps designed for microbiological test, which is compact,...

rotary vane vacuum pump - 374991

The rotary vane vacuum pump includes a suction-side fine-mesh filter, an oil...

vacuum pump - 3.6 m³/h | MV 100

Constructed in aluminium.

vacuum pump - 1.8 m³/h | MV 50

JP Selecta membrane vacuum pumps are made of aluminium. They have a polifluoropreno membrane, which is corrosion...

vacuum pump - 1.8 m³/h | MV 50

The MV 50 and MV 100 are membrane vacuum pumps manufactured by J.P Selecta. These are designed for...

vacuum pump - VP series

This Pick and Place Vacuum Pump is intended for use in conjunction with a small parts...

vacuum pump - 350 W, 133 l/min | Picolino

The Picolino vacuum pump is used for lead testing of welded seams on-site or on the shop floor. The...

diaphragm vacuum pump - 1.8 m³/h | V-700

The V-700 is a diaphragm vacuum pump designed for laboratory gas and vapor applications. It provides users with a chemical-roof...

diaphragm vacuum pump - 3.1 m³/h | V-710

The V-710 is a dynamic, compact vacuum pump designed with four diaphragms for various applications....

vacuum pump - 2 m³/h

The vacuum pump is manufactured by Aseg Galloni, and is highly appropriate for high...

rotary vane vacuum pump / two-stage - ROAIRVAC

Key Features

Vacuum gauge with integrated drag indicator enables simple and quick control of the evacuation process
Thermal switch protects the unit from the motor overheating

dry vacuum pump - NEVE-TR series

The NEVE-TR series dry running vacuum pumps can be used for a wide range of applications for automated...

dry vacuum pump - NEVE-TR series

With respect to the final pressure different pumps are available

Single-step rotary piston pump for a max. final pressure of...

vacuum pump - 450 - 1 300 W, 24 - 240 V | VBTS series

Equipment operating in environments requiring separation of working air from motor ventilating air.
For Wet/Dry Applications

vacuum pump - 450 - 1 450 W, 24 - 240 V | VBDST

Equipment operating in environments requiring separation of working air from motor ventilating air.
For Wet/Dry Applications
Central Vacuums

vacuum pump - 800 - 1 200 W, 120 - 240 V | VT series

Designed for clean, dry filtered air only
Canister Vacuums
Portable Spa Blowers


vacuum pump - 3 - 900 m³/h

We have all different kinds of vacuum pumps available to meet each individual need. Size and capacities range from 3m³/h...

vacuum pump - QS5 series

The INFICON QS5 Vacuum Pump is designed for quick, deep evacuation as well as affordability and durability.

QS5 is a two-stage, rotary vane pump...

Roots rotary-lobe vacuum pump - 400 - 5 760 cfm | TRI-NADO® series

GE offers a complete line of Roots positive displacement blowers. Smaller blowers, 9-inch gear diameter and under, deliver reliable...

Roots rotary-lobe vacuum pump - 400 - 5 760 cfm | TRI-NADO® series

For cleaning...

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