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SMTmax SO-550 is a unit that can collect float mote during dental operations. An impressive feature is the fact that all the vacuumed air is processed with the use of a special built-in filter. The device can...

The Dry Dental Vacuum Unit SO-750 from SMTmax functions as a collector of float mote during a dental...

The Oilless Dental Vacuum Pump from SMT Max operates with a voltage rating...


Stuart's RE3022C is a compact vacuum pump with long-life PTFE heads and diaphragm. The tool is designed to withstand the challenging role of a chemical...


The Chemical Duty Pump and High Output Pump are equipped with a 1/4" diameter tube that is 70 cm long. Both are engineered...

The Millivac vacuum pump unit is engineered with small diaphragm layout in compact and low maintenance design. It offers stabilized vacuum...


The VCTG-10 model, manufactured by Fukoku Corporation, is a quick vacuum lift that features...


This product is a ball bearing that is specially designed to lessen rotational friction,...


ZAV 300:

Application: Suitable for smooth...

ZAV 400:

Application: For smooth surfaces.


The rotary vane vacuum pump includes a suction-side fine-mesh filter, an oil...


When the gas has to feed a burner or when a variable gas flow
is required, a compact by-pass, directly bolted to the machine
and connecting outlet and inlet ports, is a simple and effective
solution. A suitable overpressure relief valve is fitted inside the
compact by-pass.

When the gas demand decreases, the outlet pressure increases,


The vacuum pump is manufactured by Aseg Galloni, and is highly appropriate for high...


The Picolino vacuum pump is used for lead testing of welded seams on-site or on the shop floor. The...


Membrane vacuum“MV 50" pumps FOR AIR, GASES AND STEAM.

JP Selecta membrane vacuum pumps are made of aluminium. They have a polifluoropreno membrane, which is corrosion...

The MV 50 and MV 100 are membrane vacuum pumps manufactured by J.P Selecta. These are designed for...


GEA Nu-Con provides a range of vacuum pumps...


The INFICON QS5 Vacuum Pump is designed for quick, deep evacuation as well as affordability and durability.

QS5 is a two-stage, rotary vane pump...


We have all different kinds of vacuum pumps available to meet each individual need. Size and capacities range from 3m³/h...


Equipment operating in environments requiring separation of working air from motor ventilating air.
For Wet/Dry Applications

Equipment operating in environments requiring separation of working air from motor ventilating air.
For Wet/Dry Applications
Central Vacuums

Designed for clean, dry filtered air only
Canister Vacuums
Portable Spa Blowers



GE offers a complete line of Roots positive displacement blowers. Smaller blowers, 9-inch gear diameter and under, deliver reliable...


The NEVE-TR series dry running vacuum pumps can be used for a wide range of applications for automated...


Key Features

Vacuum gauge with integrated drag indicator enables simple and quick control of the evacuation process
Thermal switch protects the unit from the motor overheating


Standalone Vacuum Pump Packages to allow vacuum to be pulled...


It carries the paste or the pulp to any desired point. It is capable of carrying...

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