spray nozzle / full-cone / stainless steel / brass
N series BETE



  • Function:


  • Stream:


  • Material:

    stainless steel, brass

  • Applications:

    fire protection

  • Other characteristics:

    male, compact, spiral

  • Orifice diameter:

    Min.: 4.76 mm

    Max.: 25.4 mm


N Fire Protection Spiral Spray Nozzle features a simple design
(one-piece and no internal parts), good clog-resistance and comes in
three standard pipe sizes ½", 1" and 1½" with male connection type.
The models are Factory Mutual, U.S. Coast Guard and Lloyd's Register approved.
The nozzle provides two spray cones an outer, wide angle cone and a narrower
inner cone forming a full cone with 90° and 120° standard spray angles.
It can support flow rates from 3.0 to 534 gpm (9.67 to 1720 L/min).
This BETE high-efficiency spiral was carefully designed for use in fire and explosion
suppression applications. They also feature sprays composed of droplets smaller
than conventional designs, large spray area that enhances evaporation and cooling,
a rugged and compact design and multiple concentric cone spray.