Automatic punching and bending machine
150 kN | RM 40KS Bihler

For greatest cost-efficiency and
manufacturing reliability
The RM 40KS - the new high-performance Bihler automa-
tic stamping and forming machine with which you incre-
ase the quality of your precision parts, significantly reduce
piece costs and quite simply manufacture even more eco-
nomically and with greater process reliability.
With the flexible RM 40KS you develop new application
possibilities. The machine displays its strengths specifically
in the field of thin, high-tensile steels. The open system de-
sign allows the integration of different machining modules,
improves accessibility to all stations and simplifies retooling
and maintenance work significantly Equipped with state-of-
the-art control technology the RM 40KS guarantees highest
machine availability and manufacturing reliability.


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