temperature calibrator / multifunction / current / resistance
4420 burster präzisionsmesstechnik gmbh & co kg



  • Measured physical value:

    temperature, multifunction, current, resistance

  • Applications:

    for temperature sensors, universal

  • Options:

    portable, laboratory

  • Voltage:

    Max.: 11 V

    Min.: 0 V


Universal calibrator built to use in field, for quality assurance, start-up and service technicians, portable with a simple menu navigation on display

Calibration and measurement unit for voltages, currents, temperatures and resistances
All functions can be fully controlled and configured via RS232 interface
Simultaneous transmission and measurement
Automatic ramp function
Simple menu assistance via display
Voltage range ± 1 μV to ± 11.000 V
Current range ± 200 nA to ± 22.000 mA

The DIGISTANT® model 4420 universal calibrator, built to use in the field, is ideal for checking and calibrating temperature measurement and control devices. The versatile functions of this portable unit allow to be used on-site or at a fixed location, on the test floor or in the laboratory.

The unit allows the simulation and measurement of voltages, currents, temperatures and resistances.

Simultaneous transmission and measurement allow, for example, controllers to be checked precisely.

The automatic ramp function is used for controlling processes.

The universal calibrator measures and simulates 14 models of thermocouples and Pt100. In addition, resistances can be measured from 10 mΩ to 2 kΩ and simulated from 10 Ω to 4 kΩ.

The reference junction temperature can be entered manually via keypad; if required, however, an automatic reference to an internal or external point is also possible.