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centrifugal extractor centrifugal extractor - TE series


The series has been designed to improve the already superior performance of its predecessors, the MANZINI TE. 15 and TE.30. While preserving the important characteristics of its truncated cone-shaped screen, this new design permits a rapid changeover (without removing the paddles) because the narrow end of the conical screen is at the front of the unit, beneath the cover.

The series of turboextractors has a peculiar characteristic: product emulsion due to air trapped within the product. In fact, the infeed of product is located on a completely closed cover and the centrifugal action of the paddles against the conical wall produces an impingement effect in the direction of product flow that helps pomace conveyance towards the expulsion channel.

Turboextractors are specifically designed for extraction and refining of tomato and fruit juices treated with the "Hot Break/Cold Break" technology, as well as for other fluid-based products requiring separation of liquid from solids. Product is fed to the turboextractor where the rotor, with radial-mounted paddles, centrifuges the product against the conical screen obtaining the separation of juice from peels, seeds and other foreign matters. The required degree of refinement is obtained by the use of different size screens. The degree of pressure is adjusted by increasing/decreasing the clearance between the radial paddles and the screen surface, while the machine is in operation.

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