Substation automation software
Vision SCADA CG Power Systems


Product Overview
The CG Automation “VisionSCADA” is a powerful, yet user-friendly operator interface for substation level control and monitoring, forming a key component of the CG Substation Automation System. VisionSCADA displays the substation single line diagrams updated in real-time for secure operation of the substation. It supports substation views, zooming, de-cluttering and active line colouring to optimise the data presentation based on the current operator view. It provides fully integrated alarm and event management combined with powerful trending and reporting capabilities. VisionSCADA offers a range of system architectures from a single PC to multi-node client-server architecture with distributed multi-operator and engineering consoles. It supports a range of redundancy options to ensure maximum system availability. All control operations are subject to system interlocks and secure Select Before Operate protocol. VisionSCADA supports direct IEC 61850 interface or other standard protocols where required. The engineering workstation supports system configuration and fault system analysis.


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