Linear displacement transducer / incremental


  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Measuring range:

    Min.: 60 mm

    Max.: 990 mm

  • Measuring rate:

    100 kHz


The PD and PE models of transducers provide excellent services in applications that require measuring/controlling of linear displacement and determining thickness in industrial machinery. The devices are equipped with high reading resolutions of maximum 0.0005mm. They are compliant with IP65 protection criteria. The devices are packed with outstanding features. They have strokes in ranges of 60 to 990mm, are tough, very easy to install and highly resilient to extreme weather conditions. They provide excellent precision in operations. The devices are outfitted with ball joints.

They are available in three standardized versions. Each version is with or without a zero pulse. The PD100 version offers a reading resolution of 0.01mm. The PD500 offers a reading resolution of 0.005mm while the PE050 offers a reading resolution of 0.05mm. Custom-designed versions are available for specific applications. Versions with IP67 protection, cable outlets and pressurized versions equipped with compressed air supply are also available.

The PS100 version is available with differential outputs. Other features available that can be integrated in models are 100KHz cut-off frequency, sinusoidal signals with 1Vpp (0.6-1.2V) upwards of 2.5V DC, 40 micron grating pitch and 0-4V reference pulse i.e. zero pulse.


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