Brushless servo-amplifier / engine
10 - 30 A, max. 2 100 W | CompletePower™ SCA-B4-70 series Electrocraft


  • Type:


  • Product applications:


  • Power:

    Max.: 2100 W (7165.48 BTU/h)

  • Intensity:

    Max.: 60 A

    Nom Val: 30 A


The CompletePower SCA-B4-70 series is composed of Servo-amplifiers developed by Electrocraft. They have four quadrants and a nominal current which can either be 10 A or 30 A. The amplifiers are for Brush-Commutated PMDC Motors and it can work at most 2,100 W. They are enclosed in a housing made of rugged aluminum materials. This casing can be panel mounted for easy integration. The drive of these amplifiers are configurable with different torque and speed control modes with a mode operation by the DIP switches. In addition, this drive is protected against over current and over temperature. Plus, it is supported with a Mosfet technology which is incorporated in the motor for maximum efficiency.


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