Hydraulic ferrule swaging press
50 - 200 t | GARNET S series HIDROGARNE

The S series presses can be with fixed or sliding

Model SD ... fixed headstock.
Model SL ... sliding headstock with lateral movement
provided with hand operated blocking system. Movement
by bearings. (Headstock sliding 1000 mm)

Structure of four stanchions with open sides. Bed elevation
system by means of chains activated by the main cylinder.
Double effect cylinder with chrome-plated piston and
removable and interchangeable hold-down in order to
avoid the deterioration of the piston.

One speed motorized hydraulic group, cylinder operation
by hand-operated directional control valve.
Electric installation with motor guard and emergency stop.
Supplied with machined support masses, gauge in tons,

hydraulic oil and instructions manual.
They fulfil CE regulation.


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