hydraulic press / forging / for friction lining / for production
IAG Industrie Automatisierungsgesellschaft m.b.H.



  • Operation:


  • Function:


  • Other characteristics:

    for friction lining, for production, rotary

  • Force:

    Min.: 441.3 kN

    Max.: 1471 kN


For the production of large batches. This machine has three handling stations through which up to 24 press units can be moved stepwise by means of a round table.

Station 1: For removal of the finished pads, cleaning the pressing tools and fixing the mould release agent
Station 2: For the conveyance and exact distribution of the friction material in the mould
Station 3: For the conveyance and exact distribution of the Underlayer material in the mould as well as inserting the back plate.
After the charging of the moulds, the curing process starts and continues as the round table moves the presses stepwise. This process is in accordance with parameters which can be exactly reproduced and are conveniently programmable.

Technical details:
Pressing force: 40 t - 150 t
Number of stations: 10 - 24
Max. lining size: up to 250 x 120 mm
Cavities per tool: 1 - 4
Tool temperature (in general): 50 - 250 °C