motor-driven rotary indexing table / horizontal / for machine tools / direct-drive
PSR-200 IntelLiDrives, Inc.



  • Operation:


  • Configuration:


  • Applications:

    for machine tools

  • Other characteristics:

    direct-drive, motorized, compact, large

  • Diameter:



The compact design of the Planar ServoRing PSR-200 rotary table was optimized to lower stage profile to 42 mm to reduce total system working height. Precision ball bearings are used to maximize performance with respect to wobble, moment stiffness and friction. Planar ServoRing PSR-200 rotary table has large clear center aperture 40 mm (55 mm option) that can be used for air or wire line feed-through or beam delivery
Brushless Direct Drive maximizes dynamic performance of the PSR-200 rotary table by utilizing three phase planar direct drive servo motor technology. Lo-Cog magnetic design assures smooth rotation and dynamic performance
Accurate Positioning is assured using high resolution encoder with sub arc-sec positioning performance. The motor and rotary encoder are directly coupled to eliminate backlash. The low inertia and zero backlash make PSR-200 rotary table the ideal solution for applications requiring frequent start-stop moves or constant velocity scanning
peak torque 45 Nm
stage height 42 mm
stage diameter 200 mm
stage center opening 55 mm
resolution 0.2 arc-sec
repeatability 0.5 arc-sec
accuracy 5 arc-sec