laser engraving machine / process / universal / vision system
ProtoLaser U4 LPKF Laser & Electronics



  • Technique:


  • Applications:


  • Other characteristics:

    universal, vision system

  • X travel:

    229 mm

  • Y travel:

    305 mm

  • Power:

    1.4 kW (1.9 hp)


Universal Usability
The LPKF ProtoLaser U4 uses a UV laser source. Many material groups are easy to process at these wavelengths – without additional tools, masks, or films. The LPKF ProtoLaser U4 builds on the success of its predecessor and expands its range of applications with targeted innovations.

New Design
The LPKF ProtoLaser U4 features the new LPKF design, combining a classy look with clever solutions for operation and maintenance. The control PC is integrated into the ProtoLaser U4.

Stabilization of the Low-Energy Range
Delicate, sensitive processes do not require a lot of laser energy, but rather especially little. Multiple processing produces highly precise structures on sensitive substrates. The new UV laser source is now stabilized across a large performance range. It can now safely process additional material groups and thin layers.

Process Tracking
A new performance measuring field determines the actual laser performance in the focal position and displays it. Here, LPKF has met demands from customers who want exact actual data for documentation.

Vision System
The LPKF ProtoLaser U4 uses a newly designed vision system optimized for laser micro material processing. The camera and image recognition process probe any fiducials or geometric structures on the substrate to be processed. A higher resolution and faster detection algorithms accelerate the manufacturing process.

Broad processing range due to UV laser
Stabilized in the lower performance range
Output measurement at substrate level