Magnetic coupling
max. 0.1 Nm, max. 2 000 rpm | MXC series OEP Couplings

Can be used to couple across a thin barrier, making a perfectly hermetically sealed rotary feedthrough
No contact, so no wear
Serves as a wear-free slip clutch - under overload, the magnetic coupling simply slips to the next position. In the MXC OEP magnetic couplings, this slip is exactly 90 degrees.
Moderate radial loads on support bearings, proportional to misalignment
Substantial axial load on bearings from magnetic attraction; inversely proportional to separation between the two hubs, and therefore directly proportional to the static break torque
Useful only for very light torques, and applications with either gradual starts, or very low rotational inertia of the driven side of the system
Relatively large in diameter, considering light coupling torque


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