pneumatic gripper / parallel / 2-jaw / for handling systems
GHL series OMIL



  • Operation:


  • Type:


  • Number of jaws:


  • Application:

    for handling systems, for industrial robots, for large parts, for palletization robots, for small loads, for collaborative robots, for large workpieces, for the cosmetics industry

  • Options:

    maintenance-free, compact, long-stroke, double-acting, guideway, precision, internal, external, sliding, high-speed, magnetic, high-efficiency, with linear guide

  • Stroke :

    Min.: 12 mm

    Max.: 80 mm

  • Grip strength:

    95 N, 170 N, 270 N


- operating pressure: 2...7 bar
- repeatability accuracuy: from 0.1 absolute
- operating temperature: from -10°C to 90°C
- operating principle: finger sliding ,guided by rack and pinion for concentric gripping
- stroke range: from 12 to 80 mm
- housing materilas: high tensile hard-coated aluminium alloy
- material of functional parts: treated ground steel
- actution: filtered compressed air
- Rating IP 20