benchtop imaging colorimeter / laboratory / for displays / machine vision
ProMetric I series Radiant Vision Systems



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    laboratory, for displays, machine vision, for color measurement, for luminance measurement, light source

  • Other characteristics:

    CCD, automatic, high-precision


The World's Fastest and Most Accurate High-Resolution Imaging Colorimeters.

The ProMetric I family of imaging colorimeters is designed to address the demands for high-volume manufacturing of flat panel displays (FPDs), illuminated keyboards and LED lighting products. Whether you need to expand test coverage or increase throughput, ProMetric I delivers the required performance for highly accurate color and luminance measurements in an automated manufacturing environment.

ProMetric I is built around scientific-grade CCD sensors, ranging in resolution from 2 megapixels in the I2 to 29 megapixels in the I29. These sensors enable pixel-level measurements of FPDs, inter- and intra-character luminance measurements on lighted keyboards, and accurate measurements of LED luminance and color in luminaires with large LED arrays.

ProMetric I Family

ProMetric I contains Smart Technology™ features that simplify operation and provide more accurate measurement results. For example, the electronically controlled focus and aperture setting provides calibrated measurements over a wide range of working distances and field of view. This greatly simplifies measurement set up and allows fully-automated remote configuration of your production test systems

Mounting: benchtop, in-line
Specifications: automatic, high-precision, high-resolution, high dynamic range, HDR, touchscreen, tristimulus filter, cie color coordinates, luminance
Technical Applicaitons: laboratory, for inspection
Domains: for dis