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UHF transceiver / CAN / Wireless M-Bus / bidirectional



  • Network:

    UHF, CAN, Wireless M-Bus

  • Other characteristics:

    bidirectional, data, compact, multi-channel, programmable, rugged

  • Applications:

    remote control, reference station


The CCM12 is a compact CAN-bus Machine Control Unit, (MCU)
The CCM12 features high levels of inherent safety and incorporated within its robust IP66 high impact enclosure are a dual monitored low voltage power supply, RF transceiver, dual microprocessor, dual Safety relays and dual CAN-bus interface, enabling the CCM12 to suit almost any crane, machine or vehicle application where safety is valued.
The CCM12 features the latest generation Safety Critical Hardware and Software design, making this unit the ideal choice for clients seeking peace of mind and confidence that Safety and productivity will be maintained at the highest level.
The CCM12 features an easy to change RFID Transkey™, for simple unit configuration, this allows facilities to quickly deploy spare units by simply swapping the RFID Transkey™ between the operating unit and a spare, downtime and spares holding are minimized.
The CCM12 is ideally suited to any machine but is also tested and rated to ISO 15998, functional safety
of earth moving machinery and ISO 7637-2 for high levels of EMC on road vehicles.

• CANopen Communication Profile CiA DS 301 V4.02
• High safety-class through dual node hardware and software architecture
• Operates in many radio frequencies for worldwide deployment
• With data feedback option back to the transmitter unit
• Features 2 monitored safety relays
• High-impact-resistant housing with protection class lP66
• Compatible with several transmitter types and models
• Dual CAN-bus interfaces complying ISO 1898-2 — CAN
• Optional with vehicle bus standard SAE J1939
• Additional dual safety relay output
• Galvanically isolated bus electronics