friction testing machine / for plastic film / for paper
FCT-C U-Therm International (H.K.) Limited



  • Test type:


  • Test material:

    for plastic film, for paper


1. Embedded intelligent control, test process automation;
2. High-precision force sensor, reaching ultra high precision: 0.001N;
3. Without mechanical knob, all-digital systems, digital calibration and zero setting;
4. Test host and computer software dual control structure, can test without a computer;
5. Precision ball screw drive, differential step drive, running smoothly, no noise;
6. Test data LCD display, standard RS232 computer communication function;
7. Dynamic and static friction coefficient test respectively or simultaneously can be selected freely ;
8. Professional software support, beautiful interface , exquisite test report;
9. Test data in group, built in data statistics analysis function, more accurate test results;
10 .Control panel in ergonomically optimized design, easy operation
ISO 8295、ASTM D1894、TAPPI T816

Host, micro-printer, professional software, 200g slider, communication cable

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