digital I/O module / RS-485 / 8 digital inputs / DIN rail
Acc.89406 UTILCELL



  • Signal type:


  • Bus:


  • Number of inputs/outputs:

    8 digital inputs

  • Mounting:

    DIN rail


This module is an external board assembled on a DIN rail with:

8 digital contact relay outputs, with several functions like: level indication or alarms (setpoints), barriers and traffic lights control atweighbridge, valve control for dosing, etc.
8 digital inputs: for connection to external pannels of push buttons or to plc, to activate funtions such as zero, tare, printing, and the external signals needed for a dosing control
8 relays 230 V AC/1 A or 48 V DC/1 A, with LEDs to indicate the state.
8 inputs (max. 24 V DC) with LEDs to indicate the state.
Power supply: 12 – 28 V DC / 2.5 W.
Connection to Matrix II (COM3 or COM4) by a high speed RS-485 bus (115200 bps) with communication status LEDs.
MATRIX II indicator admits up to 15 modules in the same RS-485 bus.
Assembly on standard 35 mm DIN rail.