Right-angle electric worm gearmotor
260 - 1 350 Nm, 0.18 - 0.55 kW | RT/RT series VARVEL

Leading applications: general purpose, medium and fractional power drives; high reduction ratios.
Design: 7 sizes; housings and covers of aluminium die cast up to size 85, of cast iron for size 110; ratios up to i=10000.

The input modules ISM with solid shaft and BSM back-stop can be easily fitted on the majority of VARVEL gearboxes, input version «S..» and flexible
coupling «G», in few minutes and with a simple screwdriver help only.

ISM - Input shaft module
The input shaft is supported by two
sealed grease-packed ball bearings type 2RS and therefore, does not
need any lubrication for life. A halfcoupling is provided for direct coupling
to corresponding VARVEL gearboxes.

BSM - Back-stop module
Manufactured in two versions, solid shaft input with ball bearing and backstop bearing and IEC or NEMA flange, allows the mounting to any Varvel gearboxes with flexible coupling «G» input.


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