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Pneumatic gripper

Pneumatic grips are particularly useful when a variety of materials must be held, especially clamping-sensitive materials. The gripping force is generated by pneumatic cylinders acting directly on the jaws or via a lever system.

Separation of tensile and closing forces ensures constant gripping force throughout the test sequence
The contact force on the specimen is reproducible
Zwicks force stabilization system protects the specimen from undesirable forces during the clamping process
Clamping-sensitive specimens can be held securely by adjusting the pneumatic pressure, avoiding jaw breaks
Tensile load application can be static or pulsating. Depending on the type of grips, compression and alternating load tests are also possible
The larger grips can remain in place while small load cells, specimen grips, test fixtures and test devices are attached to them a great time-saverOpens internal link in current window


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