Compact measuring instruments

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multifunction measuring instrument / voltage / current / frequency
multifunction measuring instrument

... multifunction TRMS DMM that performs a safety test on electrical plants and a wire mapping test on LAN cables. It is a professional instrument with a DC voltage, an AC TRMS voltage, AC TRMS current with external clamp, ...

melting point measuring instrument / compact / digital / adjustable
melting point measuring instrument
IA9000 Series

The updated and improved IA9000 series Digital Melting Point Apparatus offers an easy way to measure the melting points of samples without sacrificing accuracy; the temperature resolution is within 0.1°C. It is ideal for multiple users, ...

ion concentration measuring instrument / water / portable / compact
ion concentration measuring instrument
LAQUAtwin Ca-11

Your lab-in-a-pocket HORIBA's unique compact meter integrates the electrode, display and sample container to enable simple, effective on-site testing by direct measurement from a single drop. The only pocket meter ...

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HORIBA Scientific
temperature measuring instrument / TDS / ORP / pH
temperature measuring instrument
Eutech PC 700

... user-friendly with modern features and a wide custom-size display ideal for research study. The device has a large screen in a miniature body with up to 5-point regulation at the push of a button. The meter accepts pH ...

electrical network measuring instrument / multifunction / compact / low-voltage
electrical network measuring instrument
DIRIS A17 series

... . The DIRIS A17 is a key tool for all your energy efficiency projects. Advantages Compact The 72 x 72 mm compact, surface-mounted format allows easily integration into any type of electrical cabinet ...

loss measuring instrument / optical / compact / continuous wave
loss measuring instrument
ORL-85 series

... optical power meter (OPM), light source (OLS), continuous wave return loss meter (OCWR), and connector inspection in one compact instrument. Optical systems with high-speed lasers, analog transmission ...

salinity measuring instrument / TDS / redox / pH
salinity measuring instrument
SD series

... Meter Scroll-Through Functionality Compact & Robust Storage Function Backlit Display Waterproof (IP67) The new AQUALYTIC® SD series comprises a range of compact, easy-to-use, hand-held ...

moisture measuring instrument / concentration / microwave / compact
moisture measuring instrument
HK1 - C

... compact design with evaluation unit and sensors in one housing no moving parts no wear maintenance-free optional remote control from a PC or separate operating device any size flange on request The ...

moisture measuring instrument / microwave / process / compact
moisture measuring instrument
MW 4200, MW 4260, MW 4270

... production process is thus possible. The process measurement instruments are made with tough industry environments in mind. For example, MW 42XX-series instruments optionally come in a compact ...

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TEWS Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG
temperature measuring instrument / TDS / conductivity / pH
temperature measuring instrument
pH/CON 700

... lab Conductivity and TDS autoranging chooses the best resolution for each measurement The pH/CON 700 meter offers a new compact design that is over 40% smaller than other benchtop meters. The large display is easy ...

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residual oxygen measuring instrument / fiber optic / portable / compact
residual oxygen measuring instrument
OXY-1 SMA trace

... salinity compensation - and enables simultaneous control of several devices. 0 - 5 % trace oxygen measurement range Compact system with small outer dimensions Light-weighed (only 128 g) USB-powered Controlled ...

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water hardness measuring instrument / digital / electronic / potentiometric
water hardness measuring instrument
Softcontrol Smart

Compact device for online water hardness monitoring Softcontrol Smart, the smallest member of the Softcontrol family, monitors a preset threshold value of 10% of soft water hardness in reference to raw water hardness. ...

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OFS Online Fluid Sensoric GmbH
AC voltage measuring instrument / AC / compact / panel-mount
AC voltage measuring instrument

Moving iron panel instruments are predominantly used in the usual technical frequency range 15...100 Hz for alternating current and alternating voltage measurements in the ordinary technical frequency range 15...100 Hz. Moving ...

temperature measuring instrument / optical / dissolved oxygen / portable
temperature measuring instrument
EcoSense® ODO200

... dissolved oxygen measurements using optical technology. The EcoSense® line of compact, handheld instruments provides the most accurate data in the most affordable format. The instruments ...

optical lens measuring instrument / digital / compact / with display
optical lens measuring instrument

The compact Huvitz HLM-7000 Digital Lensmeter offers more space and freedom with the tilting function. Newly designed user interface and algorithm provide quick and accurate measurements. Progressive lenses are detected ...

resistivity measuring instrument / for water quality / digital / compact
resistivity measuring instrument

Compact DIN 96 size Best suited for water quality control in ultra-pure water production lines Two detectors connectable Meas. range 0.00 - 20.00 MΩ・cm

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air flow measuring instrument / differential pressure / HVAC / for tunnels
air flow measuring instrument

Airflow measurement systems TMS 3000 are specifically designed for working under conditions prevailing in road tunnels. In the driving area there are only robust mechanical sensors made of stainless steel, the evaluation ...

laser triangulation measuring instrument / non-contact / CCD / digital
laser triangulation measuring instrument
MLS Series

... Environmental Enclosures available. Air Purged, Air Cooled and Water Cooled with Air Purging. These Laser Triangulation Meters are compact units with integrated optics and signal processor for precise measurement of ...

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moisture measuring instrument / for wood / digital / compact
moisture measuring instrument

... plaster – Measuring of ambient temperature – LED wet/dry indicator: the 3 colour LEDs (green = dry, yellow = moist, red = wet) provide immediate information about the tested material's degree of moisture or dryness. Technical ...

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optical measuring instrument / dissolved oxygen / compact / automatic
optical measuring instrument
EcoSense® DO200

... for DO sampling Instrument Only. Cables, probes/sensors, and accessories sold separately. ccurate, economical, handheld dissolved oxygen measurements using optical technology. The EcoSense® line of compact, ...

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YSI Life Science
optical lens measuring instrument / compact
optical lens measuring instrument
WaveMaster® Compact Universal

... WaveMaster® COMPACT Universal measures lenses in both transmission and reflection with TRIOPTICS' Shack-Hartmann sensor. It is possible to measure the wavefront and surface topography of plano, spherical and aspherical ...

compact measuring instrument
compact measuring instrument
STGMM 6 pro HS

STGMM 6 is a robust and extremely compact CAN measurement module for strain gauge measurements featuring six strain gauge inputs for full and half bridges. Its extremely low power consumption as well as the very compact ...

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fiber optic measuring instrument / compact
fiber optic measuring instrument

The sm125 Optical Sensing Interrogator is a compact, field proven, industrial grade static optical sensor interrogation module designed for reliable, long term field operation. The sm125 Optical Sensing Interrogator is ...

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Micron Optics
dust measuring device / concentration / light-intensity / for gas
dust measuring device

... options and probe lengths are available. The measuring device is highly versatile, e.g., for process optimization or intelligent filter diagnostics and monitoring. At a glance •Independent measuring ...

SF6 measuring instrument / concentration / benchtop / compact
SF6 measuring instrument

... meets the requirements. Tolerable limits are suggested by the cigré SF6-Recycling Guide and the IEC 60480 for used gas. Measuring the SF6-concentration the SF6-Purity-Meter indirectly measures impurities of the tested ...