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temperature and humidity data-logger / humidity / acceleration / shock
temperature and humidity data-logger

... the most efficient, reliable and cost-effective GSM disposable temperature and humidity data logger. Combined with the convenient tempmate.®-Cloud solution, data can be easily checked, ...

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imec Messtechnik GmbH
temperature data-logger / humidity / pressure / CO2
temperature data-logger
Cobalt 2

... processes in manufacturing, packaging, storage, and delivery to patients and consumers Cobalt 2 is a wireless sensor-based data logger for temperature and other parameters, to monitor your refrigerators, ...

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water level data-logger / temperature / pressure / Modbus
water level data-logger

Memory capacity: 50 unit

... solvents Benefits: Use data immediately – Vented configuration doesn’t require corrections for barometric pressure changes. Protect your data and your equipment – Solid titanium construction outlasts ...

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vibration data logger / pressure / USB / with screen
vibration data logger

Micro Mon is a robust, yet portable, multichannel data logger. Upon request it can be configured for: vibration measurements and balancing; stress/strain measurements; defection, inclination or displacement ...

universal data-logger / with screen / for photovoltaïc installations / programmable
universal data-logger

The Solar-Log™ is Data logger manufactured by Solare Datensysteme. The data loggers are suitable solutions for the enhanced remote monitoring of photovoltaics systems. The conjunction ...

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shock data-logger / pressure / temperature / vibration
shock data-logger
Slam Stick X

Ideal for quick accurate frequency analysis, the Slam Stick X is a high frequency (up to 20 kHz) mini data logger that accurately measures vibrations & shock events in all three axes, plus temperature ...

temperature data-logger / shock / USB / without display
temperature data-logger
Digi-Shock G

... axis lines up to 100g and a wide range of temperatures. LED alarm display and a high sampling rate for detailed mission data resolution. Long battery life for all extended mission requirements. Operational ...

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IOG Products, LLC - Impact-O-Graph Devices
pressure data-logger / level / water level / RS-232C
pressure data-logger
85DL series

Series 85DL pressure tranducers with datalogger, battery supplied, measure relative and absolute pressures, with ranges from 100 mbar up to 75 bar. Transducer’s housing is manufactured in St.St. AISI316 with standard ...

universal data-logger / without display / for photovoltaïc installations / programmable
universal data-logger

The Freesun Data Center from Power Electronics is a data logging unit that is ideally used for solar fan remote monitoring and regulation. This unit allows operators to check operational status of the ...

weight data-logger / Modbus / with screen / portable
weight data-logger

Memory capacity: 300 unit

The TER series is a type of hand-held weighing data logger. The device is suited in measuring and recording forces with the use of load cells. The device consist of a real-time display of gross, net weight, ...

temperature data-logger / wireless / without display / battery
temperature data-logger

... battery string and PC software Simultaneously monitor cell voltage, string voltage, current and temperature Data auto saving in PC, no need for data transfer Individual operation to reflect different ...

temperature data-logger / with PC interface / without display / programmable
temperature data-logger
CelsiPick® ECO-TR

... highly dependable and reliable Temperature datalogger with internal 3.6 Volt Lithium battery. Each channel can store up to 32'000 readings. (Please click on the image for more technical data.) The stored ...

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Spirig Ernest
temperature data-logger / with PC interface / with screen / for photovoltaïc installations
temperature data-logger

The Powador-proLOG is a data logger that provides extensive options for local and remote monitoring on the PC. It records the currents, voltages, temperatures, power and yields of every individual inverter. ...

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universal data-logger / CAN bus / without display / programmable
universal data-logger

This data logger stores CAN records on SD card. Two interfaces are connected by industiral WAGO plugs. The device is fully operational delivered. The data logger has a real-time clock, ...

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Avisaro AG
flow data-logger / pressure / temperature / with screen
flow data-logger

Datalogger Translog DL-100: Measurement value recorder for 1 analogue and 1 digital input Easy measurement value evaluation by software GM-500 Rugged design IP 65 Long life time of the integrated battery power supply Advantages: ...

vibration data-logger / shock / USB / without display
vibration data-logger
EDR-3C, EDR-3D series

The EDR-3C is a portable impact, shock and vibration logger, recorder and detector combo unit and has a built-in triaxial accelerometer thats designed to measure shock, vibration, temperature and (as an option) humidity, ...

flow data-logger / pressure / temperature / with PC interface
flow data-logger

Multimeter ADM-880C: ELECTRONIC MICROMANOMETER for DATALOGGING The ADM-880C AirData Multimeter stores 2000 readings, along with the time and date, in up to 25 memory groups. Each reading may be recalled - along with the average, sum, ...

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Shortridge Instruments, Inc
temperature data-logger / USB / with screen / for solar cell production
temperature data-logger

Memory capacity: 5,000 unit

... temperature and ambient temperature integrated compass for measuring the roof orientation and the angle of inclination data logger for 5,000 display indications real-time clock with date/ ...

temperature data-logger / USB / with touch screen / programmable
temperature data-logger
4.1"x5.5" | FT500

Touchscreen Temperature Data Logger NEW Touchscreen Data Logger No running back to your PC to see data. Everything you need at the touch of a finger! - Jumbo ...

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GSM / GPRS data logger / Modbus / for monitoring / for leak detection
GSM / GPRS data logger
KGA 42

GPRS data logger • Modbus and 1 analogue or 4 digital and 2 analogue inputs • Mobile communication via 2G, 3G • Battery powered, in waterproof housing (IP68) • Server-based data storage ...

temperature data-logger / pressure / USB / wireless
temperature data-logger
Man Plus

Parker's SensoControl Serviceman Plus diagnostic test kits are ideal for measuring and recording critical system data for any hydraulic or pneumatic system. Product Overview The SensoControl Parker Serviceman Plus ...

pressure data-logger / flow / RPM / USB
pressure data-logger
ServiceMaster Easy

... for measuring and recording critical system data for any hydraulic or pneumatic system. Product Overview The SensoControl Parker Service Master Easy is a hand-held diagnostic meter that incorporates data ...

data logger with touch screen
data logger with touch screen

The D4T with INTUITION® data logger from Watlow® offers a data logger with a wide range of field removable I/O modules for maximum design flexibility - allowing users to only pay for ...

high-accuracy datalogger
high-accuracy datalogger

The GeoMax MR360R offers accurate grade information for all visual machine control applications. The GeoMax MR360R offers accurate grade information for all visual machine control applications. Large 360° detection windows pick up any ...

temperature data-logger / relative humidity / barometric pressure / vibration
temperature data-logger

Memory capacity: 10,000 unit

... setting.) Depending on your purpose, you can set the AD-1687 to display either all data items or just two primary data items of your choosing. You can also choose to display data either ...

weight data-logger / USB / RS-232C / with LCD display
weight data-logger

Memory capacity: 5,000 unit

AD-1688 Weighing Data Logger How do you record your weighing data when no computer or printer is permitted near the balance? If you say you write them down on a piece of paper, try A&Ds ...

temperature data-logger / relative humidity / barometric pressure / air flow
temperature data-logger

Memory capacity: 10,000 unit

... weighing data with dates and times. No special software is required to save the logged data to a PC. The data, stored in CSV format, can be opened using common spreadsheet software. ...

pressure data-logger / temperature / voltage / current
pressure data-logger
nVision Reference Recorder

Memory capacity: 500,000 unit

... to 50°C. Gauge / Absolute Pressure Datalogger to 15,000 psi / 1,000 bar / 100MPa. • Gauge / Absolute Pressure Datalogger to 15 000 psi / 1000 bar / 100MPa • Switch, Voltage, Current, and Temperature • ...

temperature data logger / pressure / USB / with PC interface
temperature data logger
XP2i Data Recorder

Memory capacity: max 32000.0 unit

... reading accuracy into an intrinsically safe data recorder. • Record 32 000 data points • Battery-optimizing, Ultra Low Power (ULP) Mode • Over an entire year of continuous recording time • Change ...