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temperature data-logger / USB / without display / for food applications
temperature data-logger

... UTILIZATION OF USB DATA LOGGER: VIGIKEY USB data logger Is ideal to control the temperatures: - Medical and pharmaceutical products. They require the highest degree of protections ...

energy data-logger / GSM / GPRS / radio frequency / Ethernet
energy data-logger
MultiLog G2

Memory capacity: 8,000 unit

• LonMark™ • Plug-in till LonMaker for Widows • DIN-rail mounting • PLC communication A-band or C-band • Repeater och package transmission up to 15 steps • Serial communication; Modem, GPRS, TCP/IP, Radio etc. • Storage of time ...

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Celsa Messgeräte España S.L.
CAN bus data-logger / Ethernet / without display / DIN rail
CAN bus data-logger

Specifications: Ports: 1xEthernet; 1xCAN Data Rates CAN: Up to 1Mbps Memory dimension 2GB Power supply 8…24V AC; 8…35V DC Operating temperature -20°C/+70°C (-4°F/+158°F) Dimensions 71x60x95 (DxWxH) Weight 200g approx Mechanical ...

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temperature and humidity data-logger / energy / wireless / without display
temperature and humidity data-logger

Memory capacity: 8,165 unit

... or take a break to water your horses. View data wirelessly with Kestrel LiNK app, powered by Bluetooth® low energy, on mobile devices and computers when within 100’ of device. See, save and share data ...

CAN bus data-logger / without display / digital
CAN bus data-logger
UniCAN 2 series

... FPGA-/µ-controller- based CAN bus data loggers of the UniCAN 2 family have features that are otherwise - if at all - only found in - PC-based devices. At the same time they offer unique data ...

flow data-logger / level / without display / portable
flow data-logger

Portable flow logger for RAVEN-EYE or BELUGA The IFQ LOGGERTM is a portable converter and logger for Flow-Tronic flow sensors. It disposes of one RS485 digital serial communication port with specific ...

level data-logger / water level / M-bus / without display
level data-logger

DATA CENTRALIZATION Full range of products for data centralization via M-Bus. It comprises: M-Bus pulse adapters for 2 or 4 water meters data loggers, level converters ...