axial fan / ventilation / direct-drive / compact
axial fan

Air flow: 56,150 m³/h

... direction of air stream up entrance steps Protective frame with grey epoxy coating Stable & easy to handle with large rear wheels Compact for easy storage in vehicle trunks Integrated stabilizer prop at rear. ...

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centrifugal fan / cooling / drying / ventilation
centrifugal fan
YVP/P Series

Air flow: 180 m³/h - 115,000 m³/h

... FEATURES Centrifugal low pressure industrial fan. Forward curved blades impeller. Direct-coupled motor with impeller splined on the shaft or Belt drive transmission. TEMPERATURE Temperature ...

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Stiavelli Irio
ceiling-mounted fan / axial / ventilation / low-speed
ceiling-mounted fan

The silent and stylish Element delivers the benefits of Big Ass Fans to air-conditioned spaces. Utilizing a gearless direct-drive motor, Element provides high torque at low speeds, eliminating ...

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Big Ass Fan
centrifugal fan / direct-drive / warming / industrial
centrifugal fan
513 series

Air flow: 500 m³/h

The Secomak range of direct drive centrifugal fans and blows have been developed to give high volume air flow up to 2,200 m3/hr. The design of the fans ...

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Secomak Air
centrifugal fan / direct-drive / industrial
centrifugal fan

Air flow: 130 m³/h - 2,200 m³/h

... Secomak range of direct drive centrifugal fans and blowers are designed to provide high volume air flow up to 2200m³/hr. The fans are designed to easily ...

centrifugal fan / extraction / ventilation / ATEX
centrifugal fan

Application: The direct driven compact centrifugal fans of product group CREM (Etatec by Pollrich DLK can be used for extraction and supply of clean/and slightly dusty air for various ...

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Pollrich DLK Ventilatoren
centrifugal fan / extraction / direct-drive / with external rotor
centrifugal fan

Air flow: 3,000 m³/h

... casing with 2 circular in-line connections. Dual-speed motor with speed control possible on high setting, up to VEKITA+ 700. Direct drive impeller. Electric connection terminal outside casing. Soundproofed ...

centrifugal fan / cooling / direct-drive / belt-driven
centrifugal fan

Air flow: 350,000 ft³/min

... backward inclined fan (BIHS) is used for clean-air applications to move high volumes of air at a variety of static pressures, such as in dust-collection systems. The AirPro BIHS centrifugal fan ...

propeller fan / extraction / exhaust / direct-drive
propeller fan

Air flow: 13,592 m³/h

24″ Exhaust Fan The AM-EX Exhaust “Panel Fan” 24″ is a propeller fans direct driven unit rated from 8000 cfm. Our exhaust fan supplies a large volume ...

axial fan / extraction / direct-drive / aluminum
axial fan

Direct Driven Axial Flow Fans We offer long and short cased Axial Flow and plate mounted axials to suit all requirements and applications. Our standard long cased axials feature a galvanised finish with ...

centrifugal fan / extraction / direct-drive / for dust collectors
centrifugal fan

Air flow: 45,000 m³/h

... bladings according to the type and concentration of conveyed pollutants. Optimised output (impeller adapted to air features). Direct drive. Consists of 2 types of impellers and 14 ...