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panel-mount enclosure / modular / in plastic / with transparent cover
panel-mount enclosure

Height: 360, 255 mm
Depth: 80 mm

Features: Halogen-free plastic-type substance. Glue labeling having a graphic sign meant for circuit recognition. Component masks. Impact opposition: 5J. Glow Cable Test: 650°C. Thermo-pressure having ball corresponding to 70°C. Remarks: ...

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built-in enclosure / modular / plastic / control
built-in enclosure

Width: 73, 31 mm
Height: 45 mm

Components to build into individual designed control stations series Ghg 41 ... - GHG 48.

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Cooper Crouse-Hinds
wall-mount enclosure / modular / rectangular / plastic
wall-mount enclosure
EASYBOX series

Width: 370 mm - 670 mm
Height: 320 mm - 750 mm
Depth: 210 mm - 340 mm

Following its forward planning philosophy SCAME is offering a new range of weather-proof enclosures primarily designed for the industrial sector. Attractively designed, their greatest appeal however lies in the way they ...

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panel-mount enclosure / for desktop computers / plastic / extruded
panel-mount enclosure
Total Access

Width: 305, 168, 393, 268 mm
Depth: 235 mm

The total access case covers all applications requiring a stylish, high quality desktop case for instruments requiring all round access. Concealed front panel fixings are incorporated to the design to give a clean frontal appearance. ...

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wall-mount enclosure / rectangular / sheet steel / glass door
wall-mount enclosure
NT Box series

Width: 570 mm
Height: 350, 600, 475 mm
Depth: 600, 400 mm

High-grade steel housing (light grey RAL 7035) complete with basic equipment. Optimum accessibility for fast installation: once the door is open, the side panels can be drawn forward easily Mounted ready for installation, ...

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SCHÄFER Container Systems
wall-mount enclosure / rectangular / thermoplastic / outdoor
wall-mount enclosure
ARCA series

Fibox ARCA IEC wall mounting cabinets are made of polycarbonate. The strong cabinets incorporate innovation and market-centric way of developing new products. ARCA has been in development for more than 2 years. They are an economical ...

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small-size enclosure / modular / glass fiber-reinforced plastic / electronic equipment
small-size enclosure
PL7 Series

... Standard PL712 Enclosures are supplied complete with: Integral Steel Earth Continuity Plate. 1 x M20 tapped entry per face (entries not plugged). Please Note Hawke still offer enclosures to customer ...

compact enclosure / rectangular / electronic equipment
compact enclosure

... experience and know-how to build and assemble complete discrete-wired enclosures. VPC offers a variety of standard enclosures for discrete-wiring requirements. Standard enclosures are ...

DIN rail enclosure / rectangular / polystyrene / thermoplastic
DIN rail enclosure
KV series

Width: 295 mm
Height: 583 mm
Depth: 182 mm

KV 9337 housing is used in unmetered area after consultation with local power supply companies. It comes with KWH meter support and fastening screws for those that contain a three-point mountin This gray-colored enclosure ...

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compact enclosure / rectangular / for fiber optics / splice
compact enclosure
360 mm

Width: 254 mm
Height: 111 mm

UNIVERSALBOX For up to 24 channels (48 fibers). Intended as purely passive universal distribution and splice box for many types of installation. Particularly appropriate for industrial cabling. IP67 water-proof types ...

built-in enclosure / modular / plastic / switch
built-in enclosure

Height: 45 mm

Proven boxes for professionals. With distortion-proof, deep-seated square supports and a large terminal compartment for simple assembly of components and with additional snap-in hooks to securely maintain the combination ...

rack-mount enclosure / modular / stainless steel / for fiber optics
rack-mount enclosure

Width: 433 mm
Height: 88 mm
Depth: 292 mm

Holds up to six FAP or FMP adapter panels. Slide-out drawer provides front access to fibers. Dimensions: 3.45"H x 17.16"W x 11.80"D (87.6mm x 433.3mm x 292.1mm)

compact enclosure / modular / polymer / sound-proof
compact enclosure

The compact modular design of the 8.5 – 137.5 kVA CAL and CALG enclosures ensure optimum performance in the harshest of environments. Designed on modular principles, they have interchangeable components permitting on-site ...

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19" rack enclosure
aprack 2.0 series

19" Cabinet system aprack 2.0, -elegant shape -quickly dismountable rack -light-weight aluminium design -easy mounting -comprehensive range of accessories -assembly service free of charge -special sizes feasible within short ...

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apra-norm Elektromechanik GmbH
panel-mount box / rectangular / for photovoltaic applications / for instrumentation
panel-mount box

Width: 127 mm
Height: 540 mm

The connection panels of the E-Box series are designed and constructed according to the Photovoltaic Guide CEI 82-25. This is a real solution for the various needs of this sector, which takes into due consideration the need for customised ...

compact enclosure / modular / plastic / switch
compact enclosure

Enclosures for HW, TW & XW 22mm Switches & Pilot Devices IDEC now offers plastic enclosures for HW, TW and XW 22mm switches and pilot devices. These enclosures are available in three ...

small-size enclosure / rectangular / polycarbonate / for general purpose
small-size enclosure
PG | Cubo S

Width: 75, 125, 175 mm
Height: 125, 175, 250 mm
Depth: 60, 75, 100, 125, 150 mm

Ensto Cubo S enclosures with Pg knockouts, polycarbonate Ensto Cubo S is a series of small to medium size enclosures available with knockouts or plain sides. The base of the enclosures ...

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wall-mount enclosure / compact / monitoring
wall-mount enclosure
HHC12 series

The new HHC12 Series line of environmental housings are stylish and functional camera enclosures, with a design focus of simplifying installations. The new side entry design of the HHC12 and the hinged ...

rectangular enclosure / sheet metal / steel / for general purpose
rectangular enclosure
IP55, IK07 | S24

... Plain or glazed covers. Equipment : 4 welded backstuds for accessories fixation. 3 mm double-bar insert on standard boxes with side key lock. Finish : Texture polyester epoxy paint. Color grey RAL 7035 and ...

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single-door enclosure / compact / rectangular / stainless steel
single-door enclosure
R Series

Width: 1,450, 600, 800 mm
Height: 1,450, 770, 1,150 mm
Depth: 350, 500 mm

The R-series is a line of single-walled stainless steel installation enclosures. With the wide range of sizes available in this series, there is a solution for virtually any situation. ADVANTAGES • Flexibility regarding ...

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DIN rail enclosure / panel-mount / modular / stainless steel
DIN rail enclosure

Width: 16 in
Height: 8 in
Depth: 2 in

... benefit from the protection of a steel enclosure and the compact size of the PC/104 bus. This small, low profile enclosure measures just 5 5/16" x 8" x 2". A dual 16-bit PC/104 backplane is integrated ...

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ACCES I/O Products, Inc.
terminal enclosure / miniature / rectangular / plastic
terminal enclosure

Width: 183 mm
Height: 343 mm
Depth: 122 mm

Mini-OTE 300-Series, Optical Terminal Enclosure, 12-port mini-size (DLX®) connector, no splitter, black, with grounding, external mounting Hardened connectors are factory-terminated and environmentally sealed for use ...

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cardboard box / mobile / rectangular / protection
cardboard box

Width: 150 mm
Height: 40 mm
Depth: 160 mm

The three layered cardboard boxes of our production are not only of high aesthetic value. We offer them in very competitive pricing. Made out of the highest quality cardboard the boxes are particularly ...

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Becpak Sp. z o.o.
compact enclosure / aluminum / explosion-proof
compact enclosure

Installation: zone 1/2/21/22 Classification: II 2 GD Execution: EExd-d [ia] IIC T6 IP66 EEx-d [ia] IIC T6 IP66 Control, Power and signalling Unit.: EEx-d IIC T4-T6 IP66 Features: Marine grade copper free aluminium. Stainless steel ...

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Spina Group
distribution box / 19
distribution box
OMP-19-3U series

Width: 132 mm
Height: 483 mm
Depth: 178 mm

The modular distribution box OMP 19 '' 3U Q-Fiber consists of a chassis (rack mount box) and blade modules used for the organization of fibre optic cables. The box is designed to accommodate up to twelve ...

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DLL Partners