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handheld enclosure / rectangular / plastic / control
handheld enclosure

Width: 103 mm
Height: 37 mm
Depth: 264 mm

Next generation SMPS control box – 0,3 Watt Standby consumption. All round eco control box. Steering of up to 2 lifting columns- or aktuator groups. Features High efficient switch mode power supply (SMPS) Low standby ...

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Movetec A/S
floor-standing enclosure / rectangular / design / protection
floor-standing enclosure

Solutions for any mechanical application. Based on many years' experience with enclosures, Duelco now offers mechanical solutions. Based on Duelco's experience with mechanical solutions, we can offer solutions in the following ...

19" rack enclosure

*Modular structure compatible with the purpose and the environment *Ergonomic and functional design provides efficient monitoring stations *19" straight and slope main consoles *Top modules are 1 5° tilted forward for viewer comfort *Modules’ ...

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floor-standing enclosure / for desktop computers / steel / outdoor
floor-standing enclosure

... power feed-thru (30A model) Outdoor approved ground clearance Heavy duty 18 AWG welded steel enclosure Safety yellow powder-coated enclosure Twist lock lid

DIN rail enclosure / modular / protection / electronic equipment
DIN rail enclosure
CEM17 series

The electronic housing is realized for connections up to 16 poles. The housing is designed to accept our PV04-LDL/LSL-P plug-in connector granting a wire section of 1,5sqmm. The wide inner space allows ...

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panel-mount enclosure / for desktop computers / steel / extruded
panel-mount enclosure
A series

Width: 305, 203, 432 mm
Height: 65, 87 mm
Depth: 279, 178 mm

Our SA Series of stand along general use electronic enclosures is highly versatile line of quality enclosures for both industrial and hobbyust use. The rugged steel body provides easy access to the components ...

handheld enclosure / rectangular / with interlock system / security
handheld enclosure

The Pneumatic interlocking valve is a safety device, installed in the pneumatic circuit providing air supply to the pantograph or any other pneumatic driven device used on locomotives, trains and EMUs. During maintenance operations, the ...

wall-mount enclosure / rectangular / steel / single-door
wall-mount enclosure
ROHS, CE, IP66, UL, TUV, IK10 | ST

Width: 800 mm
Height: 1,400 mm
Depth: 400 mm

... distribution control panel boards enclosures housings cabinets panels distribution boxes IP66 This device engineered by Tianqi Electric, is the ST model single door wall-mount ...

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wall-mount enclosure / modular / plastic / for fiber optics
wall-mount enclosure

Width: 24 mm
Height: 13 mm
Depth: 12 mm

... enterprise building or as a FTTx distribution point in the OSR This unique box packs many features into a small fiber management space. Install up to 144 single fusion splices while housing the adapters ...

surface mounted enclosure / rectangular / in plastic / aluminum
surface mounted enclosure

... zone 1 ,zone 2,zone21,zone22 Degree of protection:IP66(Match use) Rated current:Maximum 100A Material:Aluminum alloy enclosure with sprayed plastic surface

compact housing / modular
compact housing

rectangular enclosure / polycarbonate / ABS / for general purpose
rectangular enclosure
IP66 / IP67 | Cubo O, Cubo C series

Height: 55 mm
Depth: 185 mm

POLYCARBONATE AND ABS IP66/67 ENCLOSURES SERIES “CUBO O” AND “CUBO C” Extension frames (h 55 mm) can be mounted on series CUBO O enclosures if a deeper enclosure is needed up to 185 ...

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compact enclosure / rectangular / in plastic / for printed circuit boards
compact enclosure
1900 series

Width: 15 mm - 160 mm
Height: 10 mm - 50 mm

... series EMI shielding housings/enclosures Mu-copper housings and enclosures for EMI shielding of PCB’s. 1900 series Mu-copper housings/enclosures consists of a 2-part ...

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Holland Shielding Systems BV
small-size enclosure / modular / in plastic
small-size enclosure

Our MiniBoxes are small, low profile, and discrete. Accurate and secure snap-on covers. No need for tie-wraps or other things. Once cover is locked in place, the cable is gently pressed in the back of the unit keeping it safe from sliding.

wall-mount enclosure / modular / in plastic / with transparent cover
wall-mount enclosure

Width: 200 mm
Height: 180 mm
Depth: 100 mm

IP65 Wall mounting watertight emergency modular enclosures From 4 up to 8 modules grey RAL 7035 / rosso RAL 3000

compact enclosure / modular / stainless steel / waterproof
compact enclosure
IP 68 | 1.5 bar

Enclosure made of stainless steel quality X 6 CrNiMoNb 17-12-2 (1.4571) The cover (alternativ polycarbonate transparent or stainless steel) is fixed with bolts on the outer enclosure. The sealing is ...

wall-mount enclosure / rectangular / aluminum / for general purpose
wall-mount enclosure
1590Z series

Height: 45 mm - 200 mm

Watertight - Thick Wall - Diecast Aluminum Enclosures Heavy Duty (1590Z Series) Key Features: Rugged, diecast aluminum alloy (tough yet easy to machine), electronic instrument enclosure. Two ...

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floor-standing enclosure / modular / galvanized steel / outdoor
floor-standing enclosure

Features and Benefits The Cannon T4 MDC provides pre-engineered Modular Data Centers, which can be of any size and which are rapidly erected and equipped, ready for quick commissioning by clients. Eight to twelve weeks is typical. All ...

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Cannon Technologies
19" rack enclosure
ValuLine Series

This Bud series has, for years, been one of the most requested by industry. The reason: it’s well styled, it’s quality constructed, it’s economical and it’s versatile. Can be used independently or in a standard EIA 19" cabinet. Design ...

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small-size enclosure / modular / ABS / switch
small-size enclosure
CCS Series

... IP65 ABS enclosures suitable for control switches and equipment Grey and Yellow lid colour options Standard boxsand holes moulded in for 22mm diameter in 22m diameter control switches Diameter 21mm (PG13.5) knock outs ...

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Camden Electronics
wall-mount enclosure / rectangular / fire-resistant
wall-mount enclosure

Depth: 34 mm

In the event of a fire, the cover plate of a socket, switch or light fitting may sag and disintegrate, leaving a perfect escape route for a fire to travel up the cavity into an adjoining room or ceiling. When Envirograf pads are fitted, ...

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surface mounted enclosure / modular / stainless steel / with transparent cover
surface mounted enclosure
IP65 | MBM(K) series

Width: 50 mm - 230 mm
Height: 35 mm - 150 mm

MBM-Enclosures offer excellent properties for packaging electronic and electrical components as well as complete control systems. Thanks to the high UV-resistance of the material, these enclosures ...

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floor-standing enclosure / rectangular / aluminum / transport
floor-standing enclosure

This MERZBOX places a high level of importance on transport safety and anti-theft protection. Robust aluminium corrugated sheet; clip locks for padlocks, the frame, lid arrestor, and a side shelf belong to the basic scope of delivery. ...

wall-mount enclosure / 19
wall-mount enclosure
max. 40 kg | SJ2 series

Width: 600 mm
Height: 871, 737, 604, 515, 337 mm
Depth: 600, 400 mm

ZPAS presents SJ2 19" wall-mounted cabinet with a single section. It has been designed for indoor use. Customers can choose from 3 depths and 6 usable heights. The cabinet design includes a metal body featuring a safety door in glass. ...

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ZPAS Gorup
built-in box / rectangular / metal / splice
built-in box

Distribution boxes recessed. 1 row and 14 elements. With frame and metal door Elements 14 Number of rows 1 Maximum current ICP Do not Exterior Dimensions (mm) 3 62 X 327 X 95 Sealable Yup Door, White Ref MP14 ...

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Portalamparas y Accesorios SOLERA S.A.