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vertical mill / food / powerful
vertical mill
Turbo series

Use The machine is the flexible and powerful result of a concept in which easy cleaning, working safety and simple operation are the focal points. The machine has stood the test of the though working conditions this special ...

knife chopper / food
knife chopper
MTK 661

Rotational speed: 2,800, 1,400 rpm

General Product Information Casing, cover and bowl are made of stainless steel, knife head removable. Hygienic cleaning in short time due to smooth surfaces Excellent cutting result due to the deep bowl construction. Excellent cutting ...

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MADO Maschinenfabrik Dornhan
horizontal mill / colloid
horizontal mill
K series

Rotational speed: 1,500 rad.min-1 - 17,000 rad.min-1

Application Colloid mills are used to produce stable compounds out of hardly mixable liquids, e.g. emulsions on water/oil or oil/water basis, paints and lacquers, primers, inks, chocolate, sauces, juices, creams, ointments ...

hammer mill / horizontal / grain
hammer mill
BRP, BVP series

Rotational speed: 540 rpm

he hammer mill Mod. 16/BRP is driven by power take-off of farming tractor (rpm 540/1/ and it's suitable to mill dry cereals and forages to produce different sizes of f lour according to the used screen. ...

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colloid mill
colloid mill

Sonic's new RotoMill Colloid Mill and Grinding Mill is designed to provide superior shearing and grinding. Our Rotors and Stators are designed with a patented and proven multi-angular system. There are ...

blade lump breaker / horizontal / food / cylindrical
blade lump breaker

... suitable for hygroscopic materials and those that are compacted under pressure, such as sugar, salt, silicates, chemicals, and food products in general. The LBC Lump Breaking Feeder Valve can be fitted in loading and/or ...

roller grinding mill / vertical / for chocolate / almond
roller grinding mill
RF 2

The Grinding Machine – type RF2 is suitable for grinding of almonds, hazelnuts, chocolate. • Painted steel structure • Gears in oil bath • Porphyry rollers, adjusted • Adjustable opening rollers through knob on the side of the machine • ...

cheese grinding mill / horizontal / for the food industry
cheese grinding mill

Output: 12,000 kg/h

We supply grinders of robust construction, their throughput rate and orifice openings are dependent on the required duty. Grinders can be supplied as stand alone equipment or as part of a complete processing line. Grinders that are included ...

fruit chopper
fruit chopper
MKD 1000 / 5000 / MKDL 1000

Output: 1,000, 5,000 kg/h

The device can be used for chopping fruit. The chopped fruit can be transferred to a press or vinasse with the use of a suitable scroll-type pump, or manually from a container. The device is equipped with various optional sieves, so it ...

knife grinding mill / horizontal / for fish / stainless steel
knife grinding mill

Output: 0 t/h - 3 t/h

The fish grinder has a hygienic design and is a very cleaning-friendly machine. It is constructed with only few plate assemblies and with 5 mm spaces for facilitating high-pressure cleaner. The inlet chute swings open in both sides. It ...

roller mill / vertical / for chocolate / stainless steel
roller mill

• FOR 2 BLOCKS OF CHOCOLATE • width 17-40 mm • depth 145-210 mm • height 40-330 mm • MOTOR POWER 90 W • NET WEIGHT MACHINE 30 kg • VOLTAGE 230V 1Ph 50Hz • Speed regulation for ...

vertical mill / food / bench-top
vertical mill

Output: 70 kg/h

This machine has limited size and it is suitable for any grinding purpose. It is very useful in each bakery. Production per hour abt. 70 kg.

sugar mill / stainless steel
sugar mill
MZ 30 I, MZ 100 I

Output: 30, 100 kg/h

Sugar-mill to grind the sugar into icing sugar. Structure , covers and feeding hopper in stainless steel material. Capacity up to 30kg/h abt or 100kg/h abt depending on the model.

horizontal mill / food / stainless steel
horizontal mill

This machine was designed particularly sturdy and easy to handle. It is equipped with 2 very hard porphyry rollers 300 mm wide, which open and close simply by adjusting the handwheels on the sides. It is equipped with an hopper of considerable ...

mill with grindstones / vertical / food / stainless steel
mill with grindstones

... per cycle: 4 Kg Voltage: 240 V Wattage: 0.4 Kw Dimensions: 80x70x85h cm Weight: 120 Kg Code: 06.ML Mully is a stone mill designed to process grains, both dried fruit and cocoa beans. With a frame made of stainless ...

cyclone mill / vertical / grain / laboratory
cyclone mill
CT 293 Cyclotec™

The CT 293 Cyclotec™ laboratory mill is ideal for rapid and flexible preparation of a wide variety of feeds, grains, leaves and more for NIR or reference analysis. Excellent for all types of sample preparation when fineness ...

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