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IoT gateway / communication / industrial / USB
IoT gateway

Ready to use small IoT gateway with all hardware and software equipment prepared to use for fast deployment of your IoT solutions. Originally used in AuroraHub product (see product website) but also available for other ...

communication gateway / wireless / Modbus
communication gateway
max. 100 m | DCI 3FB

Building systems technology in very general terms comprises electrical and electronic equipment and automation devices for industrial, commercial and private buildings. These equipment and devices range from bell transformers to the Dupline ...

communication gateway / Modbus / DIN rail
communication gateway

T710 is a complete transmitter module. It allows interfacing up to 4 Modbus instruments. It generates a measured variable including a status variable indicating the quality of the measurement. T710 includes a Modbus master in order to ...

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Fieldbus International as
security gateway / IP
security gateway

ATSCheduler is ATSC3.0 Broadcast Gateway that encapsulates MMT, ROUTE, ALP or any IP streams into an ATSC multiplex, inserts synchronisation data from Single Frequency Network (SFN) Broadcasting, allocates data into the ...

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Enensys Technologies
communication gateway / Ethernet / WiFi / RS-485
communication gateway

ARM-based Linux-ready Intelligent communication IoT Gateway ATMEL ATSAMA5D35 536MHz Cortex-A5 Processor Linux kernel 4.9.x and file system, Supports bootup from eMMC or SD card Support Toolchain: gcc 6.2.0 + glibc ...

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Artila Electronics
communication gateway / wireless / RS-485
communication gateway
AcuLink 710

Connects Accuenergy Meters and third party sensors/devices to external enterprise IP-based systems for energy management, demand response and SmartGrid programs. Connect field-deployed devices to servers and log/present information ...

communication gateway / wireless / RS-485
communication gateway

Bidirectional gateway with serial interface RS485, bi-directional interface "Multiple Access", IP42-enclosure. For connection of up to 32 EasySens® sensors or wireless switches to different controllers with RS485 interface. ...

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Thermokon Sensortechnik
communication gateway / telemetry / Ethernet
communication gateway

GATEWAY • The rugged, IP66 Gateway is the interface which connects the RTU networks to the mine’s main data highway • It is simply powered and able to be installed in the most difficult terrain and conditions

industrial gateway / Ethernet / IP / cellular
industrial gateway

The Digi XBee Industrial Gateway is a rugged Digi XBee to IP solution. Ideal for any environment, the gateway has an extended temperature range and rugged enclosure. The Digi XBee Industrial Gateway, ...

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Digi International
communication gateway / CAN / slave
communication gateway
Sercos III

Sercos III Gateway for any SSI-Encoder SSI is the standard interface for absolute encoders. With the SSI-Gateway, CANNON-Automata offers a simple and inexpensive device that allows the connection of SSI ...

communication gateway / rack-mount / managed
communication gateway

... Despite Cleber supports any combination of boards, it is possible to describe separately some particular applications, such as gateway from MPX-FM to DVB-ASI. SRS-06 board digitalizes 4 FM-MPX and 4 FM radio channel (88-108 ...

communication gateway / GSM / GPRS / M-Bus
communication gateway

The AMR Gateway from Adeunis RF is basically a hub that makes it possible to receive consumption data from meters and then transmit it to a GPRS network. The device can be used in unrelenting environments as well, thanks ...

industrial gateway / IoT / wireless
industrial gateway
conga-IoT 2

Highly Flexible IoT Gateway Based on Intel® Atom™ Architecture Application Ready Platform Easily Customizable for Rapid Field Deployment Flexible and Scalable: Computing Performance Wireless Connectivity Software Integration

communication gateway / wireless / Modbus / slave
communication gateway

The ACW-GW modem is a Gateway that enables to repeat the 868MHz radio message and send it on to the Sigfox network. You can connect to Sigfox any sort of ACW sensor going through this Gateway. All the ...

communication gateway / industrial / Ethernet / RS-232
communication gateway

As the compact protocol gateway for system integrated application, DG-A2/A4 is designed in conformity with the new IEC 61850 standards. It can be anywhere deployed to be a smart unit to transfer data by its RS232/RS485 ...

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Kyland Technology Co.,Ltd.
industrial gateway / Ethernet / 3G / serial
industrial gateway
SE5901B Series

... connectivity for the Internet of Things SE5901B, Atop’s Industrial Serial to Ethernet and Cellular Gateway is a high-performance, cost effective gateway for serial signal communications; allowing almost ...

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Atop Technologies
communication gateway / industrial / IoT / wireless
communication gateway

GATEWAYS & REPEATERS ADFweb offers great experience in the field of GATEWAYS & REPEATERS offering different specific products: -BACnet -CAN -CANopen -DALI -DeviceNET -Ethernet -EtherNetIP -Optic Fiber -J1939 -KNX -M-Bus -M-Bus ...

communication gateway / Ethernet / Modbus / RS-485
communication gateway

... that allows to easily communicate RS-232 / RS-485 serial devices to an Ethernet network and gives solution to Bridge and Gateway communication for ModBus TCP-IP – Modbus RTU. Allows configuration through USB or through ...

industrial gateway / CAN / LAN
industrial gateway

In addition to four galvanically isolated CAN channels eSys-IDC4E1 provides one LAN connection to transfer the data to a higher-level computer. For monitoring the CAN bus an active resistance measurement and an error-frame-detection ...

communication gateway / fieldbus
communication gateway

... devices. This module allows a phased migration approach to be used when upgrading or replacing the PROVOX controllers. The gateway provides automatic creation of the PROVOX network scan-list and generates the associated ...

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communication gateway / wireless / GSM / residential
communication gateway

... keeping the audio quality. 2G GSM Gateway Voice QB is the ideal solution in Small Office/Home Office applications as well as in residential and rural installations (Wireless Local Loop). In small offices, 2G GSM Gateway ...

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Digicom SpA
communication gateway / industrial / telemetry / IoT
communication gateway

NEST Reduce downtime by confidently scheduling equipment maintenance. Use up to 54 BossPac WASP™ pucks to create base cases and automatically recognize vibration and temperature variations. This easy to use touch screen wireless system ...

communication gateway / IoT / Ethernet / 3G
communication gateway
White Oak Canyon

... 3G/LTE, Ethernet, Isolated RS-485, Analog In, GPIODeploy your IoT application using same hardware in Intel DK100/DK110 IoT Gateway Development Kits

communication gateway / Ethernet / Modbus / BACnet
communication gateway

Modbus remains a popular network interface. It is commonly found on jobs such as boiler control, variable speed drives, and metering applications, but these devices lack BACnet compliance. To make Modbus devices appear as individual BACnet ...

communication gateway / Ethernet / IP
communication gateway

The CIP-2E1T1 carry TDM E1 or T1 or fractional d’E1 fractional E1/T1 of n TS encapsulated via Ethernet or IP pipe. A bundle of one full E1/T1 or n TS is carried in a « Pseudowire Emulation End to End » (PW3E) over a Packet Switched Network ...

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CXR Networks