night vision camera / monochrome / CCD / GigE
night vision camera
640 x 480 pix, 210 fps | FastCamera 34™

... PNX1502/PNX1702 @ 300/500 MHz 256 MB in-camera memory Xilinx 700/1400K gate Spartan user programmable FPGA FPGA mermory Full range of software tools User programmable in C/C++ Camera Link Interface Optional ...

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Fast Vision
inspection camera / full-color / CCD / GigE Vision
inspection camera
1280 x 720 pix, 50 - 60 fps | ISD-B1320

... of 660,000 hours @ 40C, make this HD-SDI camera a perfect fit for the most demanding industrial, medical, scientific and military applications. This camera is also available with CoaXPress, Camera ...

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surveillance camera / NIR / CMOS / GigE
surveillance camera
1.4 Mpixels | MV1-D1312(I/IE)-GB

High-dynamic CMOS Cameras with Photonfocus CMOS Image Sensor A1312(I) Features The camera series MV1-D1312(I/IE)-GB is based on the Photonfocus CMOS image sensors A1312 and A1312I/IE, the NIR enhanced ...

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surveillance camera / full-color / CCD / GigE
surveillance camera
max. 100,000 fps, 1280 x 1024 px

The HiSpec 1 can record rapid processes at up to 506 fps at 1280 x 1024 full resolution and up to 112,000 fps at reduced resolution. And the unique software-based ImageBLITZ® Auto Trigger makes it easy to capture those random events. ...

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Fastec Imaging
vision processing camera / full-color / ultra-high resolution / CMOS
vision processing camera
E100 series

The E100 Series features a state-of-art grayscale or color CMOS image sensor and supports standard vision GigE connectivity. Thanks to their small housing, E100 Series allow for easy installation in locations where space ...

machine vision camera / NIR / GigE / line-scan
machine vision camera

M-Series cameras enable fast integration of challenging machine vision solutions. The unique ability to mix and match color, gray-scale, multi imager, area and line scan cameras with a MX-Series MX-E ...

inspection camera / full-color / GigE / high-speed
inspection camera
M-series specialty

M-Series specialty cameras support today's complex vision requirements that call for high-speed, high-quality inspections and measurements. These GigE Vision-compliant models represent the industry’s ...

monitoring camera / thermographic / IR / visible
monitoring camera

... retraction unit. All Versions can be extended with the D-VTA 200 Software to a Thermography and Analysis System. - Digital (GigE) or analogue video output - Water or air cooled for up to 2000°C in the combustion ...