GigE cameras

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vision processing camera / full-color / GigE / compact
vision processing camera
CHRomatic CVC

The CHRomatic Vision line scan camera uses chromatic optics for 2D imaging. It distinguishes from microscope cameras by highest depth of field. There is no need to autofocus anymore! Use this ...

machine vision camera / inspection / monochrome / gigabit Ethernet
machine vision camera
AViiVA EM1 0.5k-4k

... requiring ease of use, multicast capabilities, a Gigabit Ethernet interface as well as the highest electro optical and line rate performances. The EM1 features unmatched electro optical performances. The camera ...

inspection camera / monitoring / machine vision / for robotic vision
inspection camera
Mako G-030

Number of pixels: 300,000 unit

Machine vision camera, CMOSIS/ams CMV300 CMOS sensor, 309 fps Mako G-030 is a 0.3 megapixel GigE machine vision camera that incorporates the high quality Type 1/3 (5.9 mm diagonal) CMOSIS/ams ...

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Allied Vision Technologies GmbH
machine vision camera / full-color / NIR / monochrome
machine vision camera
BlueCOUGAR-X series

Product features compact GigE-Vision industrial cameras High-quality CCD & CMOS Sensors Sensor resolution from VGA to 5 Megapixel Grey value, colour and NIR (near-infrared) Power over Ethernet (PoE) ...

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night vision camera / inspection / visible / digital
night vision camera
Matrox Iris GTR

Matrox Iris GTR is a line of powerful, configurable smart cameras designed for systems integrators, machine builders and OEMs who need to deploy fully custom machine vision applications. Running Microsoft® Windows® or ...

inspection camera / IR / digital / CCD
inspection camera

... still image captures are easily controlled through our standard API interface or through the GigE Vision interface. GigE Vision Compliant The Lg11059 is GigE Vision compliant for fast ...

monitoring camera / monochrome / CCD / GigE
monitoring camera
1280 x 1024 pix, max. 76000 fps | CR600x2 series

... by Ptronis, is a high speed video camera enclosed in a compact housing and offers a high light sensitivity. This camera offers a frame rate of up to 10.000fps in resolution up to 1024x1024. It is equipped ...

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vision processing camera / full-color / digital / CMOS
vision processing camera
V5Gxxx series

Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) is the fastest growing interface for digital cameras in the field of industrial image processing. It is a universally applicable digital interface, which for the ...

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V5 Group
machine vision camera / MWIR / GigE Vision / PoE
machine vision camera

Number of pixels: 16,384 unit

Uncooled MWIR 128×128 pixels infrared camera with high-speed frame rates (2000 fps max) Uncooled MWIR 128×128 pixels infrared camera with high-speed frame rates (up to 2,000 fps) Maximum added ...

thermal imaging camera / infrared / GigE / compact
thermal imaging camera
EyeCheck Thermo

Die EyeCheck Thermo is the first smart thermal imaging camera It features: 8 In- and 8 Outputs Interfaces: GigE & RS232 Additional LVDS interface M12 connector with IP65 2 x Micro-USB mini-PCI ...

intensified camera / for night vision / infrared / ultraviolet
intensified camera
HiCAM series

The HiCAM is a gated intensified high-speed camera. It has an integrated fiber-optically coupled image intensifier, which offers a unique combination of high speed and sensitivity down to single photon level. Because ...

surveillance camera / full-color / CCD / CMOS
surveillance camera
VX Series

VX Series cameras are made for Aerial Imaging and High-end Surveillance applications which require highest attention to detail. The camera incorporates an interline transfer CCD with resolution of 6,576×4,384 ...

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Vieworks Co., Ltd.
inspection camera / monochrome / CMOS / GigE
inspection camera
DMK 33 "e" series

... x 44 x 57 mm GigE interface with PoE Optional external auto iris control Wide range of monochrome CMOS and CCD sensors Free software for camera control Free barcode SDK for Windows 7/8/10 33 "e" series ...

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The Imaging Source Europe GmbH
thermal camera / for night vision / machine vision / LWIR
thermal camera
WIC series

... 0.03°C (30mK). Thermal camera can be connected by a USB3 interface (perfect for laboratory usage and PCB analysis) and GigE (suitable for industrial applications and integration with manufacturing processes). ...

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Workswell s.r.o.
inspection camera / vision processing / full-color / CMOS
inspection camera

... Global Shutter CMOS sensor technology, combining the IMX273 1.6MP sensor with SXGA resolution with a rich heritage of complete camera technology, bringing the best combination of performance and quality from a brand you ...

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Sony Image Sensing Solutions
vision processing camera / monochrome / HD / GigE
vision processing camera

ProcImage cameras are based on motherboards including FPGA type Spartan 3 or Virtex5, SRAM and DDR2 memory, they allow to realize high speed video as well as embedded ultra high speed processing used in real time. Based ...

machine vision camera / NIR / full-color / monochrome
machine vision camera

Velociraptor is fast running and fast grabbing. Velociraptor is an entry level High-Speed camera with real time JPEG compression. Long recording of High-Speed video has never been so easy. With intuitive and simple ...

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Optomotive d.o.o.
thermal camera / infrared / microbolometer / GigE
thermal camera
max. 1 250 °C | PYROVIEW 380L compact plus

... and powerful infrared camera is designed with a high space-saving IP 54 housing and powerful features. It is equipped with fast ethernet or gigabit ethernet interference and offers extra good cost-performance-ratio ...

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DIAS Infrared
monitoring camera / machine vision / detection / for gas leak detection
monitoring camera

MAIA is the most advanced multi-spectral imaging camera, specifically designed for use abroad Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles (UAVs), aircraft and land-vehicles in precision farming and environmental monitoring applications. MAIA ...

surveillance camera / full-color / hyperspectral / EMCCD
surveillance camera
658 x 496 pix | Hawk EM247

... capture and SDK simplify controlling of camera and acquisition of images. Pleora's iPORT PT1000-CL IP Engine streams video and imaging data between Base-configuration Camera Link cameras ...

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Raptor Photonics
inspection camera / full-color / CCD / GigE
inspection camera
PL-H9611C series

... manufactured by Pixelink®, is a 10.7MP (4008x2672 at 3.3 FPS) CCD camera generally designed for demanding machine vision application which necessitate the utmost precision. This camera, equipped with ...

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monitoring camera / full-color / CMOS / GigE Vision
monitoring camera
12 Mpix, 4096 x 3072 pix, 10 fps | Genie TS-C4096

... TS-C4096 takes advantage of gigabit Ethernet technology, transmitting data over standard CAT-5e and CAT-6 cables to distances of up to 100 m. Like all Genie cameras, the TS-C4096 is based on AIA (Automated ...

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inspection camera / monochrome / CMOS / GigE
inspection camera
4.2 Mpix, 170 fps | M9

... a portion of the sensor allows higher frame rates for smallest regions of interest. Complete communication capabilities: Gigabit Ethernet, RS422 incremental encoder input, RS232, RS485, 2 digital inputs, 3 digital outputs, ...

machine vision camera / full-color / HD / CCD
machine vision camera
2.5 Mpix, 1920 x 1080 pix, 25 fps | Zelos - 02150C GV

The Zelos - 02150C GV high definition color camera from Kappa Optronics is ideally used for industrial applications. This unit is designed with a sturdy construction that satisfies the operator's specifications. It has ...

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Kappa optronics
inspection camera / X-ray / CCD / GigE
inspection camera

... demanding vision applications around the world. The GigE Vision interface enhances the versatility of MEGAPLUS cameras, which also feature Camera Link and FireWire (IEEE 1394a) interfaces. ...