Industrial switches

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rocker switch / single-pole / non-illuminated / snap-action
rocker switch

Current: 0.05 A - 20 A
Voltage: 32, 240 V

... Power tools • Medical and laboratory equipment • Industrial appliances • Equipment for construction • Cleaning equipment • Commercial and household kitchen appliances • Industrial Power • Industrial ...

rocker switch / 3-pole / 4-pole / 2-pole
rocker switch

Miniature switches. Maximum value. Honeywell Sensing and Control offers an unprecedented lineup of full-size, miniature, and subminiature rocker switches. Enhance manual operation with a flexible interface. Wide range of electrical and ...

adjustable switch / multipole / LED / industrial
adjustable switch

... adjustable to individual switch indexing resolutions, stepper motor resolutions, switching speeds and end stops. The power requirement is 12 VDC, 200 mA. Remote Audio PLUS also offers customization like different motor ...

slide switch / SPDT / industrial / for automotive applications
slide switch
ASQ series

Current: 1 mA - 100 mA
Voltage: 5 V - 30 V

... the turquoise stroke switch. Furthermore, the ASQ turquoise stroke switch is bounce-free and hysteresis-free. Thanks to its IP6K7 protection class, it is ideally suited for a great variety of industrial ...

capacitive switch / sensitive / multipole / stainless steel
capacitive switch
CANEO series10

Current: 40 mA
Voltage: 24 V

... programmable functions Switch sensitivity, actuation type and time as well as various output signals •16 million colors 16 Million fluorescent colors available to choose from •360° Visibility Perfect visibility ...

sensitive switch / capacitive / multipole / LED-illuminated
sensitive switch
CHT1 series

Current: 200 mA
Voltage: 10 V - 30 V

... extensive range of vandal resistant switches, CAPTRON switch range is designed with a high resistance to wear and tear, corrosion and harsh use in potentially hostile environments such as machine control ...

piezoelectric switch / LED-illuminated / LED / industrial
piezoelectric switch

... hazardous environmental conditions. The tactile switch is IP68. There is no soldering on the ceramic Piezo element and the switch is tested for over 50 Million activation's. There are no moving parts ...

emergency stop switch / mushroom / emergency stop / illuminated
emergency stop switch

In dangerous situations, emergency-stop switches can protect from serious injuries or even safe life. Schlegel emergency-stops convince customers in the whole world: Mechanical robustness, outstanding functionality and safety as well ...

rocker switch / single-pole / industrial / IP65
rocker switch

Current: 7, 9 mA

The SR3 Switch Rockers from DeltaTech Controls® have been developed to provide the reliability required in demanding environmental conditions such as multifunction grips, dashboards or armrest controls for heavy duty ...

multipole switch / illuminated / industrial / aluminum
multipole switch

Current: 80, 480 mA
Voltage: 24 V

With the new Extended version of the transponder-coded safety switch CTP with guard locking it is possible to integrate three controls and indicators into the switch cover. These make it possible to trigger ...

cam switch / multipole / industrial / compact
cam switch

... compliance with the strictest international and European standards and thus satisfy all the strict safety needs.The long industrial experience, together with the use of the best materials , to knowledge and the most modern ...

cam switch / industrial
cam switch
Serie Phoenix

... electricity[A] and power [W]) of the load to be controlled through the switch.Application fieldsPhoenix Cam Switches can be used in various applications, which go from industrial automation to employment ...

single-pole switch / panel-mount / AC / industrial
single-pole switch

Current: 3 A - 25 A
Voltage: 250 V

... current from 3A to 50A, 50/60Hz, voltage AC 250V and DC65V to protect the overload and short of circuit. It is largely used in industrial automation equipment, telecommunication equipment, communication power , UPS and ...

safety switch / industrial / solenoid / RFID
safety switch
NS Series

... the protection. • Large centering hole: the switch is equipped with a large hole for centering the actuator's pin. This solution makes it easier to align the actuator and the hole on the head of the switch ...

spring switch / SPDT / bipolar / industrial
spring switch
E Series

Current: 25, 15 A
Voltage: 125 V

General Purpose E •Robust standard switch for industrial applications •5 current ratings, up to 30 A •Wide variety of auxiliary actuators available •3 terminal types (optional screw terminals available) •3 ...

rocker switch / single-pole / industrial / sealed
rocker switch

FEATURES • Choice of ratiometric analog or PWM outputs • Sealed to IP67 dynamic - even during actuation • Rugged industrial design suited for outdoor use • Provides positive tactile feedback in any environment • ...

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lever switch / single-pole / industrial / electromechanical
lever switch
LS series

Current: 15 A
Voltage: 125 V

... and 15 amp versions. Also available in a wide variety of actuator, operating force and termination options. This snap action switch offers an operating life up to 1 million cycles. Please refer to the PDF data sheet to ...

SMD switch / SPDT / industrial / precision
SMD switch
TMUX113x series

Voltage: 1 V - 6 V

... supply of 1.08 V to 5.5 V, or ±2.75 V dual supply, allows for use in a broad array of applications from medical equipment to industrial systems. The device supports bidirectional analog and digital signals on the source ...

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Texas Instruments Semiconductor
lever switch / bipolar / industrial / electromechanical
lever switch
X series

Current: 10, 20, 15 A
Voltage: 125, 250, 28 V

X Series toggles can be used in a variety of applications including commercial and industrial equipment, household appliances, industrial machinery, medical equipment, military communications and surveillance, ...

AC switch / LED / on/off / industrial
AC switch

ESwitch Power Switch Easy replacement for mechanical contactors Easy No configuration Simplified installation Global standardisation Robust Reduce maintenance costs Reduce downtime Reliable operation Safe Partial ...

toggle switch / lever / SPDT / 2-pole
toggle switch
9300 , 1700 , 1750 series

Current: 20 A
Voltage: 250, 277 V

... heavy-duty toggle switches which are designed to fulfil the needs of today's automotive, marine and industrial applications. Our momentary toggle switch range (previously Arcolectric) offers a large ...

selector switch / multipole / industrial / control
selector switch
GHG 29 series

Current: 20, 16 A
Voltage: 690, 500 V

The GHG 29 control switch series features an easy-to-install and easy-to-connect design. This control switch can be implemented with up to 6 contacts and for 2 to 5 switch positions. ...

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Cooper Crouse-Hinds
rocker switch / single-pole / industrial / electromechanical
rocker switch

... for 60.0 lbs. pull strength or 0.130” diameter cable for 25.0 lbs. pull strength. U7 - Pendant Switch U7 Catalog PDF Standard Switch Guide U7 - Pendant Switch Part Number: U7

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slide switch / DIP / single-pole / industrial
slide switch
BD series

Current: 100, 25 mA
Voltage: 25, 50, 5 V

... BENEFITS Traditional full profile DIP switch Extended actuator for easy actuation Open bottom construction allows for solder washing without the need for tape seal TYPICAL APPLICATIONS Address switch ...

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C&K Components
rocker switch / single-pole / bipolar / industrial
rocker switch
RR series

Current: 10, 8 A
Voltage: 125, 250 V

... Series is a high current switch made with a compact, round housing. It has single and double-pole configurations, as well as lighted and non-lighted options. It has self-locking tabs to fit industry standard ...

single-pole switch / industrial / non-contact / magnetic
single-pole switch

Current: 1 A

LPR magnetic non contact Euromag power series switches are suitable for all industrial safety relay applications. They conform to all Europeans standards. Packaged in slim and durable polyester material, it withstands ...

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Idem Safety Switches
touch switch / multipole / industrial / snap-action
touch switch
SKHL Series

Current: 5 mA
Voltage: 12 V

Switch contributing to high-density mounting, available with top or side push operation.

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ALPS Electric