Liquid filtration units

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membrane filtration unit / for coolant / for water
membrane filtration unit

... and coolant and reduce oily water volumes by as much as 90% without the use of chemical additives. For this reason, Ultrafiltration membrane technology is quickly becoming the process of choice over conventional filtration ...

pressure filtration unit / oil / mobile
pressure filtration unit
UFM 041

Flow rate: 33 l/min
Operating pressure: 5 bar

UFM 041 mobile filtration units suitable for filling and refilling of filtered hydraulic fluids and lubrication tanks.Flow rate 33 l/min.Pressure max. 5 bar.Electrical motor: single and 3 phase

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MP Filtri
oil filtration unit / compact / cooling
oil filtration unit
BKF series

Filtration size: 4 µm - 14 µm
Flow rate: 18, 86, 57, 28 l/min
Operating pressure: 6 bar

... solution for maintaining system cleanliness in fluid power systems, when no other filtration options are applicable. These off-line or kidney loop filters combine an oil filter of adequate size and a ...

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Bühler Technologies
plate filtration unit / oil / mobile
plate filtration unit

Flow rate: 250 l/h - 300 l/h

... x 20 plate filter that is suitable to use in clarifying, and sterilizing olive oil. The unit is made of AISI 304-grade stainless steel, and the plates are made of either moplen, which is a standard, or ...

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plate filtration unit / for liquids / for medical applications / drying
plate filtration unit

Developed in consultation with the pharmaceutical lyophilization industry, GORE LYOGUARD Freeze-Drying Trays provide a cost-effective method of freeze-drying by containing product throughout the lyophilization process.

NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) filtration unit / for liquids
NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) filtration unit

Applications USEPA EP Toxicity Test and Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) product - Separates solid and liquid phases of waste samples - Contains interior holder with PTFE coating to prevent heavy ...

membrane filtration unit / for water / dust
membrane filtration unit

Kubota's submerged membrane units incorporate microporous membranes (average pore size: 0.2μm) made from chlorinated polyethylene. Capable of delivering high-purity treated water, these compact systems are employed ...

sand filtration unit / for water
sand filtration unit
max. 122.7 m³/h

... counter current wash with filtered water, in order to remove those substances from the filter. A filtering material with fine growth ensures a good filtration, but frequently interruption ...

membrane filtration unit / for wastewater treatment / process water / for potable water
membrane filtration unit

... quality-demanding needs such as drinking water and as process water for complex productions. It can also be applied for indirect drinking water supply by replenishing ground water ...

pressure filtration unit / for liquids / fuel / backwash
pressure filtration unit

... backwash filter is designed to continuously remove solid contaminant particles from liquid feedstocks in refineries and petrochemical plants. By preventing solid particles from entering and building ...

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BEA Technologies S.p.A.
pressure filtration unit / oil / for water
pressure filtration unit

... Flow rates from 2 to 800 gpm Tank sizes range from 9" to 72" Compatible with all boiler applications Filtration systems remove impurities.

pressure filtration unit / for liquids / for water
pressure filtration unit

Filtration size: 20 µm - 500 µm
Operating pressure: 16 bar

... BOLLFILTER automatic Type 6.04 is characterized by high technological quality, meeting the requirements of liquid/solids separation filtration. High technical quality with low capital layout with low ...

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BOLL & KIRCH Filterbau
oil filtration unit / for coolant / mobile
oil filtration unit

Emulsions and solutions are optimally cleaned and maintained during the production process. Removes up to 97% of tramp oil from the emulsion, works automatically without an operator using the bypass principle, high throughput capacity ...

bed filtration unit / for water
bed filtration unit

... Low Impact Development BMP is green infrastructure and so much more. The Hydro Bioinfiltrator™ allows you to filter and infiltrate stormwater combining pollutant removal and runoff reduction into one ...

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Hydro International
drum filtration unit / for wastewater / compact / modular
drum filtration unit

Filtration size: 10 µm - 1,000 µm
Flow rate: 10 m³/h - 5,400 m³/h

... elimination of residue: This is carried out by means of a combination of water sprinklers, the rotation of the filtering cylinder and the residue conveying hopper found inside the filtering cylinder.

gravity filtration unit / for liquids / for grinding machines
gravity filtration unit
P40,P500 series

Filtration size: 10 µm - 50 µm
Flow rate: 20 l/min - 500 l/min

Gravity filtration purifier This machine allows by simple gravity and through a fabric-non fabric the filtration of coolant lubricant liquids even with high level of purging. The filtering ...

pressure filtration unit / for wastewater / dust
pressure filtration unit

Filtration size: 25 µm
Flow rate: 20 us gal/min

... the removal of heavy solids and oils, while the Biosorb Series l Aerobic Digestor reduces high B.O.D. loading and helps in water clarity.

pressure filtration unit / for coolant
pressure filtration unit

Flow rate: 200 m³/h

The Pressure Filter is designed as a pre-filter before any type of water treatment. This reduces the Silt Density Index (SDI) before Reverse Osmosis (RO), cutting coolant filtration, ...

gravity filtration system / for water
gravity filtration system

Dual-Use High-Rate Compressible Media Filter: Communities must find a reliable and effective way to prevent weather-related combined sewer overflow (CSO) and sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) from spilling directly into nearby waterways. ...

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magnetic filtration unit / for liquids / in-line
magnetic filtration unit

Flow rate: 60 l/min - 200 l/min

... high performance magnetic filtration The Autofiltrex magnetic filter will integrate market leading magnetic technology, ensuring a 24/7 "ultra-polished" machine tool fluids. The latest generation in ...

plate filtration unit / for water
plate filtration unit

CVC-DC-TC Settling Tanks and Sludge Thickeners Sludge Treatment Solids in Suspension removal. CVA-DC-TC Settling Tanks and Sludge Thickeners Sludge Treatment Remove suspended solids. CVA-E-TC Settling Tanks and Sludge ...

sand filtration unit / for liquids / automatic / backwash
sand filtration unit

Filtration size: 10 µm

Treats solutions through the process of mechanical filtration by sand with several layers. The objective is to reduce the burden of dirty presented in the solution. Efficient on retention of particles over 10 µm by ...

NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) filtration unit / for liquids / gas / modular
NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) filtration unit

A Filtration SKID is a turnkey filtration solution, which meets filtration needs in many activity sectors: Water, Conventional and nuclear power plants, Metallurgy, Chemicals & Petrochemicals, ...

pressure filtration unit / for water
pressure filtration unit

Flow rate: 0 l/min - 1,600 l/min
Operating pressure: 350 bar

Filter stations are used in underground mining. These are filters installed on standard consoles that are built completely with pipes or hoses so they must only be introduced underground in the supply train.

membrane filtration system / for liquids / compact / stainless steel
membrane filtration system

Kronos is a benchtop automatic Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) system suitable for beginners and experienced users alike. Kronos can handle up to 0.5 m2 total filtration area and is equipped with multiple ...

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solaris biotechnology