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PLC-controlled packaging machine / film / for the food industry / for confectionery products
PLC-controlled packaging machine

Throughput: 400 p/min - 600 p/min

... controlled exactly by PLC system. - Complete airtight sealing. - Fin seal roller with automatic release/close when the machine on/off. - Fixed bag former for easy operating.

semi-automatic packaging machine / film / for garments / for the textile industry
semi-automatic packaging machine

Throughput: 0 p/h - 40 p/h

Penguin fabric roll wrapping machine packing denim, carpet rolls - at Denim cloth manufacturing. Stretch wrapping is the most economical way of Roll packing. The Penguin Fabric Roll Stretch Wrapping Machine ...

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Penguin Engineers
automatic packaging machine / coil
automatic packaging machine

... Easter Eggs Packaging Machine is integrated with double coil feeder, which is compatible to any existing machine. The unit is suitable for use with different sheet sizes. The color and ...

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vacuum packing machine / manual / for tires / table-top
vacuum packing machine

SAVEVAC is the new range of professional vacuum packaging machines with external suction by minipack'-torre, provided in 3 models with different sealing bar sizes. These are all extremely sturdy machines, ...

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automatic packaging machine / horizontal / vertical
automatic packaging machine
SAN 60/V

Throughput: 0 p/min - 60 p/min

... to 60 products per minute and thanks to its vertical operation, it is suitable as an individual machine or for integration into a fully automatic packaging line.

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Alpma Alpenland Maschinenbau
automatic packaging machine / continuous / for bricks / high-rate
automatic packaging machine

... are handling lines for bricks, which make brick packs strapped horizontally and vertically, with holes in the center for forklift handling. These brick packs fill the space on a truck, when loaded side by side, for an ...

automatic packaging machine / blister / liquid / tablet
automatic packaging machine

... mounted on the machine. Available: automatic feeders for tablets, capsules, needles, syringes, vials and ampoules, special applications, vision control systems and systems for liquid dosing with high precision peristaltic ...

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O.M.A.R. Pharmaceutical Blister Solution
automatic packaging machine / film / horizontal / for the textile industry
automatic packaging machine

Screenfilm Packaging Unit This is designed to wrap padstacks in film. It can pack up to 2 padstacks simultaneously. The stacks are compressed prior, during and after sending them through the film screen. The compacting ...

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semi-automatic packaging machine / film / baggage
semi-automatic packaging machine

Throughput: 1 p/min - 2 p/min

Suitcases are placed manually on the metallic support with adjustable width. The film is placed in the correct position and the mechanisms turning operation is activated. Change the position of the suitcase, so that the film can wrap ...

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automatic packaging machine / vacuum / cheese / pneumatic
automatic packaging machine

Application KOMPO vacuum packaging system (MVU) is an air powered vacuum packaging system designed specifically for processors/packers to vacuum package a wide variety of products. The MVU is ideal for packaging ...

pillow packaging machine / automatic / film / vertical
pillow packaging machine

Throughput: 60 p/min

A small volume type vertical pillow type automatic filling packaging machine ・ With the small volume type vertical pillow type packaging machine, it is suitable also ...

automatic packing machine / liquid
automatic packing machine
AMC Series

1. Adopts PLC control system with touch screen panel, high-tech packing machine of simple adjustment and easy operation. 2. Adjust the machine temperature and according to the packing ...

automatic packaging machine / fold wrapping / for cardboard boxes
automatic packaging machine

Throughput: 45 p/min

Our Wraparound machines include automatic machines for the packaging of plastic, metal and glass containers in corrugated cardboard cases. The trays can be octagonal or rectangular, ...

automatic packaging machine / film
automatic packaging machine
35 - 45 p/min | MEDIAwrap C45-S

... tear tape dispenser is also included. For the insurance of the customer, It has a warranty. There is also some versions of machines that is available and can be sold at a good price.

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AMTEC Packaging Machines
automatic packaging machine / semi-automatic / horizontal / for powders
automatic packaging machine
powder packaging machine

1. Product Description: This series of machines are designed for Packing Powders, Flakes Materials into Valve Bags. Low Dusty and High Accuracy are the advantages of this series. Suitable materials include: Flour, ...

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Qinhuangdao Puda Electronic
automatic packaging machine / horizontal / liquid / paper napkin
automatic packaging machine

Throughput: 80 p/min - 100 p/min

... Producing towels in desired dimension within the ranges of 5*5, 14*14. • Digital tachometer indicating net capacity of the machine per minute • Silent operation • Advanced smart system having multi-programme • Advanced ...

manual packaging machine / rotating / for garments
manual packaging machine
hp 630 K, hp 700 K, hp 500 TM

Machines for the packaging of hanging clothes and linen for laundries, dry cleaners and the fashion industry.

automatic packing machine / in-line / continuous / for cardboard boxes
automatic packing machine

The system consists of carton erector & bottom sealer, automatic carton sealer, automatic strapping machine, 90 degree push conveyor and conveying frame, which has the function of continuous automatic carton open-bottom ...

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vacuum packing machine / bell type / for the food industry / table-top
vacuum packing machine

The Gourmet Saver, manufactured by Komet, is a vacuum packaging machine that is ideal for beginners in the field of vacuum packaging or smaller kitchens. It has a compact size which may ...

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KOMET Maschinenfabrik GmbH
automatic packaging machine / vacuum / for the food industry / compact
automatic packaging machine

Fantastic combination of a chamber vacuum packing machine and a low temperature cooking device Quick compact vacuum packing machine for small servings. - Easily set ...

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Sirman Spa
automatic packaging machine / vacuum / for the food industry / meat
automatic packaging machine

Vacuum packing machines PSV : Advantage in simplicity. Vacuum systems is a way of food packaging which can suit the demands and requirements of today and tomorrow. The application ...

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Groupe PSV
vacuum packing machine / for cables / for the food industry
vacuum packing machine
PACKxxx series

Professional machines for medium-scale use. To vacuum pack a large variety of food and other materials that suffer when in contact with the air, and extend their shelf life. Strong, reliable, fast, easy to use and to ...

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automatic packaging machine / film / vacuum / for the food industry
automatic packaging machine
VS 20

... compact. How great small is able to be. The compact vacuum packaging machine VS 20 plays all parts. Although requirin little space, it offers the whole functionality of big packaging ...

packing machine for the food industry
packing machine for the food industry

Since many years BS realizes lines and machines to meet the needs of the ice cream industry. Our models operate with any type of cup, cones, cups and trays, respecting the various types of product used.

semi-automatic packing machine / vacuum / bell type / liquid
semi-automatic packing machine
340 x 130 x 330 mm | K2

The VC999 K2 table machine is ideal for small restaurant kitchens, shop counters, and laboratories. After using this machine, you'll never want to do without it again. Because it helps you protect your ...

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VC999 Verpackungssysteme GmbH