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quick-drying paint / two-component / epoxy / ground
quick-drying paint

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Watco Sarl
finishing paint / aerosol / acrylic / for coating
finishing paint

Clear Acrylic Coating - Gloss Non-yellowing, acrylic coating provides superior finish retention over painted and non-painted surfaces. * Flexible, long-lasting coating * Will not yellow * High gloss * Indoor/outdoor ...

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insulated paint / powder / thread
insulated paint

... coating process provides an affordable and efficient way of protecting fastener threads from weld spatter and electrodeposited paints, primers and coatings. NYCOTE is a non-conductive, 98%-pure Teflon® PFA Fluoropolymer ...

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conductive paint / liquid / metal
conductive paint

The electromagnetic shielding coatings CEMPAINT with nickel, silver coated copper or silver conductive particles not only provide high levels of electromagnetic shielding, but also are easy to use. They are suitable for most common plastics ...

quick-drying paint / liquid / acrylic / for coating
quick-drying paint

... acrylics are used in the construction industry including cement and masonry sealers, metal and plastic coatings and traffic paints. They have the advantage of having fast solvent release with outstanding durability, ...

conductive paint / liquid / for electrical and electronics applications
conductive paint

This silver conductive paint is primarily used to repair PCB tracks or manually draw a simple circuit. The paint can be used in various ways including to paint-on an electrical screen, ...

corrosion protection paint
corrosion protection paint

For special projects, Progress also offers paint services.

quick-drying paint / spray
quick-drying paint
BFP series

The enclosure's surface can be restored easily if scratches or marks etc. have be caused during installation or transportation.

cheese coating paint / protective / liquid / for food applications
cheese coating paint

FIBOSA provides a wide range of coatings for cheese with the brand VIPLAST manufactured in Spain. The application of those coatings can be made manually inside a semi-automatic painting cabin or in a fully automatic painting tunnel.

spray paint / conductive / single-component / plastic
spray paint
ProtoPaint LDS

... injection molding. LPKF ProtoPaint LDS is an easy-to-apply paint that produces a functional coating, even without expensive injection molding tools. The LDS process then creates the structures on the paint ...

protective paint / liquid / metal
protective paint
CFA40 series

... 0.2 g/l (EU limit values 30 g/l). Black pure acrylate paint, easy to overpaint with all common emulsion paints. 100% permeability for the natural Schumann resonances. The paint ...