Power contactors

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power contactor / electromagnetic / DC / for railway applications
power contactor
T206 series

Current: 180 A
Load voltage..: 12, 24 V

Particularly compact and resistant, the D.C. contactors series Tecno are suitable for handling machinery using direct current and for industrial electrical vehicles like lift trucks, cleaning machines, ...

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Ravioli spa
power contactor / electromagnetic
power contactor

Current: 6 A - 630 A
Load voltage..: 120 V - 600 V

Lovato Electric comprehensive line of contactors can be divided in to three basic configurations as illustrated above. Each of these have unique features but all are designed for long life and have finger-safe ...

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power contactor / electromagnetic / DC
power contactor

Current: 500 A
Load voltage..: 9 V - 36 V

... contact arrangement. It has a coil voltage rate range of 9 up to 36 VDC. It is equipped with 1 pole and is ideally used for the DC actuating system. Furthermore, it is part of the CAP200 Series.

power contactor / electromagnetic / miniature
power contactor
HDT series

Current: 1 mA
Load voltage..: 5 V

Low profile package Design allows top or side actuation Low actuation force, 35 grams max TYPICAL APPLICATIONS Consumer electronics Medical devices ATCA and MicroTCA devices Contact Rating: 1 mA 5 VDC Electrical Life: 100,000 ...

power contactor / electromagnetic / single-pole / 3-pole
power contactor
300 series

Load voltage..: 600 V

GE’s 300-Line of NEMA Contactors and Starters are a complete offering from NEMA size 00-9 and in 1 Pole, 2 Pole, 3 Pole and 4 Pole offerings. The 300-Line is a proven product for the toughest industrial applications.

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GE Automatic Transfer Switches
power contactor / magnetic / 3-pole / NEMA
power contactor

... Three Pole configurations. Convenient DIRECT-WIRING for Right or Left Hand Power Connections. Rugged Terminals on both sides of the Power Poles for all power connections ...

power contactor / vacuum
power contactor
max. 7.2 kV, 400 A | INCV series

... Arteche EDC as one of the advanced means of maneuvering electric loads. - Three-phase vacuum contactor draw-out type, model smART VC-D, composed for one drawer with one three-phase vacuum contactor ...

power contactor / magnetic / 4-pole
power contactor
690 - 1000 V AC

Current: 6 A - 800 A

TemContact 2 is a new range of magnetic contactors and thermal overload relays. Current ratings from 6A to 800A are available in 9 frame sizes and in 3 or 4 pole versions. TemContact 2 has upgraded insulation voltage ...

power contactor / electromagnetic
power contactor
20 A | HS 20-20

Current: 20 A
Load voltage..: 440 V

... original position. This design means that contactors ensure a galvanic separation between the control circuit and the switched circuit whilst simultaneously allowing high currents to be switched. Installation contactors ...

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Doepke Schaltgeräte GmbH
AC contactor / power / lighting / electromechanical
AC contactor
FCR6340 series

Current: 40, 63 A
Load voltage..: 400, 230 V

Area of Usage - Small engines - At residential and office, at the power control of the last distribution circuit. - Lighting - Heating, pumps and furnaces - Water heating for home ...

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Federal Elektrik
power contactor / electromagnetic / for capacitor switching
power contactor
K, MC series

The type K3-K are low voltage contactors that are specifically designed to convert low-inductive and low loss capacitors in capacitors banks that may or may not be equipped with reactors. These contactors ...

power contactor / electromagnetic / DC / AC
power contactor

Current: 50 A
Load voltage..: 3,600 V

The contactors type HS for both direct (DC) and alternating current (AC) can be used as polarity-independent circuit breakers in electric traction vehicles. They are used primarily as heating contactors, ...

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power contactor / solid-state
power contactor
GDC, SGTC series

Current: 10 A - 500 A
Load voltage..: 280 V - 530 V

Solid State Contactor (SSC) is newlydeveloped SSR application unit that is created by following the AC contactor using mode. It is based on power SSR and equipped with radiator, protection ...

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power contactor / magnetic / IEC
power contactor
S-P06 S

Current: 6 A - 20 A
Load voltage..: 380 V

... :1.2 million times Mechanical life:6 million times Auxiliary contact:Standard 1a(1NO)、Special 1b(1NC) TYPE:S-P06 Rated Power/Current(AC3/3Φ380V):3kW、4HP、6A Rated current(AC1)、Current convention fever:20A Current ...

power contactor / single-phase / three-phase
power contactor
DPA Series

... Dust-proof cover design ensures higher operation life Applicable scope ‧It is applied electric heater, fan, air conditioning equipment in HVAC facilities, elevators, power systems, food processing ...

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power contactor / electromagnetic / 4-pole / IEC
power contactor
GH16 series

4pole contactors GH16 series for resistive loads AC‐1 utilization category.

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power contactor / electromagnetic / 4-pole / IEC
power contactor
690 V | GSC1-4004

1. General CJX4 series, GSC1 series 4 poles AC Contactor with 4 normally open main contacts are used in the three-phase four-wire circuit of 50Hz or 60Hz, for the purpose of opening or closing circuit at a long ...

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TianShui 213 Electrical Apparatus CO.LTD
power contactor / electromagnetic / DC / for telecom applications
power contactor
400 A | SW400

... been designed by Albright, for use in telecommunication and power distribution applications where the load is infrequently switched. These contactors are primarily for use with Direct Current ...

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power contactor / solid-state
power contactor

Current: 15, 25, 40, 50, 60 A

... 2 models are available : single-phase and three- phase - 15 A – 25 A – 40 A – 50 A – 60 A static contactors - 75 A – 90 A – 120 A* static contactors * with 230 Vac fan. For 115 Vac fan and 24 Vdc, ...

power contactor / electromechanical / AC / auxiliary
power contactor
3100 Series

Current: 93, 96, 98 A

... Molded No, Yes Product Category Electromechanical Relays Product Type Contactor Arc Cover With Product Classification Relays - Contactors Model 93, 96, 98, A Contactor Type ...

power contactor / AC / low-voltage / capacitor
power contactor

Current: 25, 95 A
Load voltage..: 220, 400 V

... 、43、63、85、95 switching capacitor contactors are specially used for switching low voltage parallel capacitor,they are widely applied to reactive power compensated equipment with AC 50Hz,-voltage up to ...

IEC contactor / power / single-pole / 3-pole
IEC contactor
YB series

... Combiner boxes •Power supplies •Pool and spa •Pumps, hoists, and cranes •Agriculture TelcoComponents is proud to introduce our CONTACTOR product line. Our UL listed contactors ...