Pump couplings

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bellows coupling / for pumps / flange
bellows coupling
max. 10 Nm | MBK series

Torque: 2 Nm - 10 Nm
Rotational speed: 5,000 rpm

Metal Bellow Couplings MBK features aluminum hubs and a stainless steel bellow. Working with a high torsional stiffness, the machine has a zero backlash. It is built for dynamic placement and servo systems, pumps, ...

rigid coupling / pump / motor / torque
rigid coupling
09.1013.9 Series

Torque: 60 Nm - 360 Nm
Rotational speed: 4,900, 5,000 rpm

... 80 °C Product description:Torque is transmitted via elastic coupling sets, which are in evenly placed pockets around the periphery of coupling part 1 type H. The corresponding cams of coupling ...

flexible coupling / for pumps / turbine / motor
flexible coupling
71 series

Series 71 couplings are designed for applications requiring an adapter spacer-type coupling such as ANSI, API and other process pumps. This design has been replaced by the XTSR71 providing ...

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Rexnord Industries, LLC
magnetic coupling / gear / for pumps / industrial
magnetic coupling

Gear pumps with magnetic coupling The magnetic coupling is equal to contact-free drive and seal. Magnetic coupling pumps are used if critical media ...

gear coupling / shaft / for pumps / motor
gear coupling
mag drive

Torque: 7 Nm - 180 Nm
Rotational speed: 3,000 rpm

... in the gear pump is completely separated from the environment by a containment shell. The torque is transferred from motor shaft to pump shaft without contact by means of heavy-duty permanent magnets. ...

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