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single-shaft shredder / for wood
single-shaft shredder
4 - 15 t/h

These chippers are high production machines. Their robustness and versatility allow pulp or fuel chip manufacturing, from a wide range of materials. Operating / maintenance costs and service life are optimized and among the best on the market.

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double-shaft shredder / tire
double-shaft shredder
PREMIER series

Output: 10,000 kg/h - 60,000 kg/h
Power: 90 kW - 132 kW

The two-shaft shredders PROMECO series "Premier" have been designed for the grinding of different materials. They have been successfully used to process: unsorted municipal solid waste (MSW) similar municipal solid waste ...

single-shaft shredder / tire / for wood
single-shaft shredder

... like granulators shredders are designed to take large objects and break or shred them down to smaller size pieces. Shredders can drastically range in size, from shredders that are designed ...

single-shaft shredder / for cables
single-shaft shredder

Power: 25HP-75HP (220/440volt) three phase Speed: 100 RPM Feed opening: 32” x 50” (800mm x 1300mm) Rotor shaft dia.: 16” (400mm) Rotor shaft size: 35” (850mm) Rotating blade size: 1 3/4” (35mm) – 46 pcs Upper Fixed blade size: 35” ...

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Gensco Equipment
single-shaft shredder / metal
single-shaft shredder
Arno®Shred SSE

Power: 30 kW - 132 kW
Rotational speed: 60 rpm - 140 rpm

Specially designed for metals. All surfaces are covered with high resistance Hardox wear plates. Knifes and screens with different geometrical forms and in different materials are available. The innovating feature is the tramp metal ...

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ATM Recyclingsystems GmbH
single-shaft shredder / tire / for cardboard / for wood
single-shaft shredder
AZR 50 Primus

Power: 11 kW
Rotational speed: 100 rpm

The AZR 60 of the PRIMUS series is the starter model of the single-shaft material shredders with drawer feed. An economical series with maximum cost-benefit ratio. Other features include: Sturdy construction, high ...

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Reinbold Entsorgungstechnik
double-shaft shredder / tire / rugged
double-shaft shredder

Output: 600 kg/h - 2,500 kg/h
Power: 6 kW - 55 kW
Rotational speed: 20 rpm - 50 rpm

The Double-Shaft Shredders with ZSDS600B, ZSDS800B, ZSDS1000B, ZSDS1200B and ZSDS1400B type are new designed especially for crushing the film in rolls, tires of cars and medium-sized automobiles, hollow barrels and so ...

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Suzhou Zhongsu Reprocessing Machiney Co.,Ltd.
single-shaft shredder / for PET bottles
single-shaft shredder
WJB-1400, JBJ-1300

Output: 3,000 kg/h - 3,500 kg/h
Power: 15 kW - 22 kW

During feeding process, using mechanical device to break the PET bottle bale is a necessary function for highly automated process. How to make this idea into simple practical process, and maximize reduction of power consumption and wearing ...

double-shaft shredder / solid & bulk waste / metal
double-shaft shredder

Power: 6 kW

Grinders are intended for grinding of coarse and middle solid wastes, discharged from mechanized screens at sewage pump stations (SPS) for wastewater pumping. Detained by screens waste is cut into small pieces in grinder and goes for ...

double-shaft shredder / metal / car
double-shaft shredder

Output: max 110000.0 kg/h
Power: 132 kW - 837 kW

A pre-shredder is a very high-performance tool to optimise and enhance the safety of ELV shredding facilities. DANIELI HENSCHEL offers seven different models from 400 to 800 HP, double- or triple-shaft, with outputs ...

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single-shaft shredder / for cardboard
single-shaft shredder
Mac 1500

Power: 55 kW

... newspapers. For creating a perfect balance between the baler and shredder, our recommendation is to combine the MAC 108/1 baler with this shredder model.

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single-shaft shredder
single-shaft shredder
max. 2 t/h | CRACK-O-MAT

The Crack-o-Mat is used for dismantling and separating the plastic and metal parts of electric equipment such as coffee makers, vacuum cleaners, medical equipment and electric and electronic tools. Manual dismantling of these items can ...

double-shaft shredder / for wood / compact
double-shaft shredder
ZR 1380

Shredder type ZR 1380 is designed primarily for easy shredding of wood and bulky cardboard boxes. It is designed according to the latest safety guidelines, in consideration of the latest noise- and shatter protection ...

single-shaft shredder / chip
single-shaft shredder
max. 8 t/h | RS series

Power: 8 kW - 55 kW

Crushing of large swarf is a prerequisite for automatic swarf processing and cost-efficient transport. Key data max. 8 t / hour (depending on swarf type) option "E" for solid part release system Features of the Swarf crusher ...

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four-shaft shredder / tire
four-shaft shredder

Power: 7, 6 kW

Technical info SRD shredder comes with 2 or 4 shafts, depending on the model, and cutting elements comprised of sharpedged toothed discs. The teeth move the product and convey it towards the grinding chamber. For particulary ...

single-shaft shredder / metal
single-shaft shredder
HS series

... manufacturing facility, using todays communication technology, to offer shredder operators a set of resources that is unmatched by other suppliers of shredding equipment to make the right shredder facility ...

double-shaft shredder / for non-ferrous materials / rugged / primary
double-shaft shredder
RSS 120-M

Output: 120, 80 t/h

The Ammann RSS 120-M is a shredder, iron separator and screener – all built into a single machine. It is ideal for recycling asphalt, from milled materials to asphalt slabs and large chunks. The RSS 120-M features patented ...

single-shaft shredder / plastic
single-shaft shredder

Power: 44,000, 74,000 W
Rotational speed: 74, 37 rpm

DYSSQ Light Single Axle Shredder In order to be environmental and to meet different requirement of capacity and product, DYSSQ shredder is promoted and it can be used to shred injection product, blow ...

single-shaft shredder / paper / plastic / for cardboard
single-shaft shredder

Power: 110,000, 150,000, 180,000, 220,000 W
Rotational speed: 45 rpm

In order to meet requirement of waste material recycling and high capacity in different fields, DYSSZ shredder can be used to shred big plastic block, waste wood log, waste paper, electric product and rubber product such ...

single-shaft shredder / tire / for pipes
single-shaft shredder
DYSSG series

Output: 800 kg/h - 2,000 kg/h
Power: 74,000, 90,000, 60,000, 110,000 W
Rotational speed: 23, 39, 27, 33 rpm

DYSSG shredder is able to shred the PE, PP, PVC pipe with dia.1200mm, the length of 3-6m pipe can be shredded directly without cutting, and the rotary speed is slow and stable. Variety of pipes is put into the flat feeding ...

single-shaft shredder / frozen meat / mobile
single-shaft shredder

Output: 0 kg/h - 250 kg/h

KT-SH-1 Pulled meat machine is designed to create shredded/pulled product 'almost instantly' for large restaurants, small to medium sized meat processors and food caterers. The capacity of the KT-SH-1 machine is over 250 kg per hour. ...

single-shaft shredder / mobile / stainless steel
single-shaft shredder
RZ 4

Output: 450 kg/h - 800 kg/h
Power: 4,000 W

UNIVERSALLY APPLICABLE, VERY EFFECTIVE AND ECONOMICAL The great effect of the DIOSNA restbread crusher RZ 4 is the interaction of the shredding tool with the sieving technique. The different grades of fineness of the plate and screen ...

single-shaft shredder / for cables / solid & bulk waste
single-shaft shredder
TRM series

Shredders in four standard models for shredding processing wastes from the injection moulding, blow moulding and extrusion industry. The newly patented system for fixing the rotary blades with inclined cutting, allows ...

single-shaft shredder / mobile
single-shaft shredder

Power: 3 W
Rotational speed: 3,600 rpm

flexible use thanks to powerful 4-stroke gasoline engine perfect for chrushing raw materials you can find in the garden such as shrubs, all sorts of branches or other plants large funnel opening moving device for easy transport simple ...

frozen meat shredder / single-shaft / mobile
frozen meat shredder

Output: 2,000, 3,000 lb/h

Our innovative and uniquely designed auto-shredder is a continuous flow machine with throughput exceeding 2,000 pounds (907 kg) per hour without the expense of intensive manual labor. This is our solution for a consistent ...

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Unitherm Food Systems BV
single-shaft shredder / with conveyor
single-shaft shredder

Output: 8,000 lb/h

Cheese Shredding System (Food Service) Used for filling food service bags of shredded cheese - the Foodservice Shredding System has the capacity to produce up to 8,000 lbs (4,000 kgs) of cheese an hour.

single-shaft shredding machine
single-shaft shredding machine

The Pulled-Star picks and pulls cooked meat in meat fibres. Different structures are also possible. Options: •Pulled pork, pulled-chicken, pulled-beef, etc.