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frozen meat shredder / single-shaft / stainless steel
frozen meat shredder

- Heavy duty construction made of AISI-304 stainless steel. - Shredder machine made according to the European Directive 2006/42/CE. - Designed for crumble meat blocks or frozen block with 3cm thickness. It ...

frozen meat shredder / for frozen products / single-shaft / stainless steel
frozen meat shredder

The Thompson Frozen Block Flaker is a heavy duty industrial machine specifically designed to process large volumes of frozen product. It is used extensively in many high production facilities worldwide. It is renowned for consistently ...

single-shaft shredder
single-shaft shredder

Using the fork-lift truck the open box is put inside the chamber. After switching on the unit safety cover is automatically closing down and the drill is starting to work.. Microprocessor is controlling speed and working time of the drill. ...

frozen meat shredder / single-shaft / mobile
frozen meat shredder

Output: 0 kg/h - 250 kg/h

KT-SH-1 Pulled meat machine is designed to create shredded/pulled product 'almost instantly' for large restaurants, small to medium sized meat processors and food caterers. The capacity of the KT-SH-1 machine is over 250 kg per hour. ...

two-shaft shredder / compact / stainless steel
two-shaft shredder

EGRETIER have developed this crumbler SHREDDER for producing chips from frozen, semi frozen or simply stale or damaged products. This unit allows for product ‘re-use’ without significantly changing the the structure and ...

metal shredder / single-shaft / rotary shear
metal shredder

Output: 2,000 kg/h
Power: 4 kW

Stainless steel masher with replaceable masher discs, universal for pomaceous fruit, beets, potatoes, maize and waste.

metal shredder / single-shaft / with conveyor
metal shredder

Power: 6 kW

Secure destruction of preforming tools The tablet punches used for production are subject to wear. After several hundred thousand tablet pressings, the coding and/or the dividing groove become ever more poorly defined and the punches ...

solid & bulk waste shredder / metal / double-shaft
solid & bulk waste shredder
FP series

Output: 800 kg/h - 4,000 kg/h
Power: 3 kW - 9 kW

The PIZETA scraps grinding is used to break up dry pasta so it can be milled and used again in the production process. The product is crushed by two rotating shafts which shred the pasta through a perforated flexible mesh using special ...