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solid drilling tool / multi-purpose / carbide / deep hole
solid drilling tool

Diameter : 1 mm - 14 mm

HAM Solid Carbide Deep Hole Drills are a high performance spiral drill for superior hole quality and lowest cost per hole. New generation of the extra long solid carbide ...

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HAM Precision Tools, Andreas Maier, Inc.
solid drill bit / multi-purpose / carbide / twist
solid drill bit
3030 series

Diameter : 3 mm - 13.8 mm

140° face sharpening. Round face gash for an even distribution of the cutting forces. Formed flutes for an effective chip evacuation. Low friction surface finishing. Exclusive edge honing

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solid drill bit / multi-purpose / HSS / twist
solid drill bit

Diameter : 2.1 mm - 48.5 mm

- special diameters for BaerCoil threading tools

solid drill bit / multi-purpose / diamond
solid drill bit

Diameter : 25 mm - 40 mm
Length: 55 mm

A wide range of core drills is available for drilling phase. They are available both sintered with segments for granite and engineered stone and electroplated for marble. All core drills ...

solid drill bit / multi-purpose / carbide / center
solid drill bit

solid drill bit / for aluminum / HSS / step
solid drill bit

Diameter : 0.13 in - 1.38 in

Step Drills Step drills are ideal for drilling repetitive holes by electrical contractors, sheet metal workers, and auto mechanics. HSS drills are made of high speed ...

solid drill bit / multi-purpose / carbide / high-output
solid drill bit

... or automatic machines. This arrangement contains bores for blind drilling cavities or high-powered alloyed steel, tungsten carbide and polycrystalline diamond. The heavy-duty body drills in tungsten ...

solid drill bit / for wood / carbide / twist
solid drill bit

Diameter : 4 mm - 10 mm
Length: 53.5, 54, 57.5 mm

... applications that involve drilling blind holes, and machines with lacking drill guidance capacities. This device is capable of integrating with a wide range of machines. This includes point-to-point drilling ...

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Leitz GmbH
solid drill bit / for non-ferrous materials / HSS / straight shank
solid drill bit

Diameter : 0.4 mm - 25 mm
Length: 20 mm - 236 mm

... direction Application Produced by hot roll-forged technology. The high twisting moment and elasticity enable using by hand drilling devices and conventional machinery for low alloyed steel, cast, ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

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Makina Takim Endüstrisi A.S.
solid drill bit / multi-purpose / carbide / conical
solid drill bit

The right cutting conical drill bit with straight fl ute or spiral fl ute is used for stepless drilling in the thinnest sheets. Pre-drilling is not necessary as the drill has a point according ...

solid drill bit / multi-purpose / carbide / high-output
solid drill bit
MTB 25

Diameter : 0.5 mm - 20 mm
Length: 20 mm - 131 mm

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solid drill bit / for stainless steel / carbide / high-output
solid drill bit

Diameter : 1 mm - 1.5 mm
Length: 34 mm - 40 mm

... chip build up on the cutting edge, reducing frictional drag, and therefore reducing heat generated. It greatly increases drilling life and ability, especially in ferrous materials such as steel, stainless steels, high ...

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Sutton Tools
solid drill bit / multi-purpose
solid drill bit

solid drilling tool / for non-ferrous materials
solid drilling tool

... TQC Dolly Drill is the perfect tool to remove the excess of glue and cut through the coating around dollies in order to prepare the dolly for the adhesion test. Fixed positioning is assured with the three strong magnets, ...

solid drill bit / masonry / carbide / for hammer drills
solid drill bit
SDS-Set D5-D12/7

... particular, as the drill bit does not catch on the reinforcement. The drill bit can be positioned precisely and accurately thanks to the 90° sharp centring point. The ...

solid drill bit / masonry
solid drill bit

Diameter : 4 mm - 12 mm
Length: 75 mm - 150 mm

Product variations: x12 Carbide tip with diamond ground cutting edges with 130° angle - For drilling in brick and aerated conret blocks

solid drill bit / multi-purpose / for hammer drills
solid drill bit

... Condrive hammer drill bit PRODUCT PROMISE Instantly turns hammer drilling machine into screwdriver for faster installation - from drilling to driving without demounting drill ...

solid drill bit / multi-purpose / PCD / with TiN-coated bit
solid drill bit

Alignment system for BMT interfaces for machine series NLX and NZX Repeated accuracy less than 8µm with 200 mm projection High positioning accuracy from one station to another (0,012 mm) with 200 mm projection Completely pre-set driven ...

solid drill bit / masonry / high-speed
solid drill bit

Diameter : 32 mm - 202 mm
Length: 300 mm

... possible, nominal length 300 mm High drilling speed with less wear Extremely large extraction hole reduces jamming of drill bit Extremely easy cuts, safe cut in hand-operated ...

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solid drill bit / multi-purpose / masonry
solid drill bit

Features + Benefits 16 piece mixed set - Perfect for masonry, metal, wood drilling and screw driving Easy to use storage case - Able to access bits easily

solid drill bit / multi-purpose
solid drill bit

Length: 70 mm - 160 mm

... cutting edges - DIN 8039 - ISO 5468 Cylindrical shank - Satin finish with carbon coating For use on rotation and percussion drills Suitable also for marble, bricks, expanded clay etc. Short version - Sharpening angle ...

step drill bit / solid / multi-purpose / conical
step drill bit
SC-1 Series

Length: 96, 100 mm

Conical stepped drill-bits: - Point geometry according to DIN 1412 C - No pre-drilling - Step angle 90°

solid drill bit / multi-purpose / high-speed steel / Morse taper
solid drill bit

Diameter : 2 mm - 60 mm
Length: 108 mm - 422 mm

Properties and application: General use drill made of high-speed steel (HSS) by DIN 345 Morse taper shank by DIN 228-B

solid drill bit / for aluminum / for steel / HSS
solid drill bit

Diameter : 2.5 mm - 10 mm
Length: 40 mm - 88 mm

HSS-spot-drills DIN1897 - fully ground type N - right had cut - cylindrical - Special short - one sided for aluminium and steel

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Goebel GmbH
solid drill bit / multi-purpose
solid drill bit