Stainless steel coolers

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water chiller / glycol water / for fruits and vegetables / stainless steel
water chiller

The Cabinplant water chiller is of the Baudelot (falling film) type. Water flows uniformly from a common overhead distribution trough over both sides of the vertical stainless steel plates. ...

gas cooler / for samples / for compressors / compact
gas cooler

Maximum temperature: 5 °C - 50 °C
Flow rate: 150, 280, 530 l/h
Pressure: 0 Pa - 16,000,000 Pa

The EGK 4S Series manufactured by BUHLER is a gas cooler, also called as the compressor for cooling. This device is equipped with a heat exchanger created from glass or the SS body materials. It has an ...

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Bühler Technologies
air cooler / for electrical cabinets / stainless steel / vortex tube
air cooler

Pressure: 80 psi

Meech has manufactured the Air Technology Cabinet Cooler System from stainless steel, which makes it suitable for harsh environments. The device is capable of offering a cold air supply ...

air cooling system / for the food industry / stainless steel / air-cooled
air cooling system

COOLING SLABS Specifications Stainless steel frame and cladding Cooled by evaporators situated directly under the belt using freon as the cooling agent Independently regulated functions Available ...

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MORCOS Egyptian Engineering Company
water cooler / for the food industry / stainless steel
water cooler

Hydrocooler Quickly cool vegetables or fruit to the core to optimize the shelf life. construction in stainless steel various inspection doors provide good accessibility for cleaning and maintenance top ...

pasta cooler / air / stainless steel / air-cooled
pasta cooler

... tunnel is in stainless steel, with insulation panels that can be opened for cleaning. The treatment parameters (temperature and time) may be varied during operation, ensuring flexibility. CARATTERISTICHE - ...

air cooling system / for pasta / stainless steel
air cooling system

MULTIPLE LAYERS COOLER Cooling system used to reduce the internal and external temperature of the product during the production of fresh pasta, stuffed pasta and sheets of pasta. Machine completely ...

glycol water cooler / for pasta / stainless steel
glycol water cooler

Power: 25,000 W

Frame in AISI 304 stainless steel Covering panels with high thermal insulation Heat exchanger with glycol water

compressed air cooler / industrial / stainless steel / vortex tube
compressed air cooler
TC015S, T015D

Maximum temperature: 50 °C
Flow rate: 15 ft³/min
Pressure: 6.9 bar

... to wear out. The STREAMTEK™ Tool Cooler often replaces costly mist coolants and improves the output and quality of all types of drying machining operations from plastics to metals. Made of heavy-gauge stainless ...

air cooler / cabinet / compact / stainless steel
air cooler
CKT 500

Power: 450 W
Maximum temperature: 15, 55 °C
Flow rate: 540, 290 m³/h

The new CoolKraft line extends the models range in order to meet any installation requirement. The new product family includes air conditioners for electronic enclosures both indoor (CKT) and outdoor (CKTO). The new CoolKraft range ...

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Coolkraft technologie GmbH
water chiller / compact / mobile / air condenser
water chiller
RACA C Series

... operation. The tank and the evaporator are adequately engineered and ensure stable and accurate water temperatures even with sudden load variations. - Removable side panels for ease of access - Stainless ...

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Frigosystem S.r.l.
air cooler / stainless steel / Peltier effect / thermoelectric
air cooler
PK 50

Power: 50 W
Maximum temperature: -10 °C - 60 °C

- Eco-friendly with thermoelectric cooling elements, without liquid refrigerant - Separate inner and outer air cycles - Small dimensions, function in every position

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spiral chiller / water / fish / stainless steel
spiral chiller

Efficient, hygienic chilling, bleeding of fish The Fish Chiller is designed for efficient chill stunning and bleeding. The system is made entirely of high-grade stainless steel, ready ...

water chiller / air-cooled / stainless steel
water chiller

Maximum temperature: 1 °C - 37 °C

... rebuilds and machine downtime • Designed for ambient temperatures from 35°F (1°C) to 100°F (37°C) • Stainless steel evaporator • Powder-coated steel cabinet • Single ...

scraped surface cooler / liquid / for the food and beverage industry / stainless steel
scraped surface cooler

Maximum temperature: -5 °C - 25 °C
Flow rate: 495 l/h - 4,500 l/h

... solid state circuit. – POE oil. – HFO R452a gas. Vertical scraper in stainless steel complete of: – Wear proof profiles made in rubber for foodstuffs. – Stainless steel ...

compressed air cooler / for the pharmaceutical industry / for corrosive environments / cabinet
compressed air cooler

Power: 145 BTU/h
Flow rate: 57 l/min

... of our competitors all of the our Cabinet Cooler ™ Cabinet Panel Coolers are stainless steel, not just the vortex tube for longer life and flexible use.™ Cabinet Cooler ...

compressed air cooler / for the pharmaceutical industry / for corrosive environments / cabinet
compressed air cooler

Power: 85 W

... of our competitors all of the our Cabinet Cooler ™ Cabinet Panel Coolers are stainless steel, not just the vortex tube for longer life and flexible use.™ Cabinet Cooler ...

water chiller / water-cooled / air-cooled / stainless steel
water chiller
GP series

... special configuration Multiple screen, 20 character x 8 line display Stamped, stainless steel, horizontally mounted pump assures reliability Air-cooled units feature aluminum fin tube ...

water chiller / industrial / water-cooled / stainless steel
water chiller
SN series

Flow rate: 400, 600, 900 l/min

... with shellpipe condenser and stainless steel cased evaporator,which are quite easy to be cleaned and maintained.Equipped with automatic water supply device in the water-tank.Air cooled cased chiller ...

water cooler / for the food industry / stainless steel / high-performance
water cooler

... primary and secondary circuit usually leads to longer service life due to reduced dirt entry. • Machine design in Cr-Ni steel 1.4301 (AISI 304) • Tailor-made sizes, tailored to the performance and circumstances of ...

water chiller / for the baking industry / stainless steel
water chiller
FRIO Series

Power: 800 W - 5,500 W
Flow rate: 60 l/h - 500 l/h

... floats for antifloading security. The working principle of the water chiller is in fact without any risks linked to water leakage. The external surface is realised with stainless steel. ...

air cooler / stainless steel
air cooler
Pebble Lime Cooler

... quadrants of the cooler’s lower chamber through a common cooling air duct. The cooling air enters the bed of hot pebble lime product, uniformly, through a collection of fixed stainless steel ...

liquid cooler / industrial / cabinet / stainless steel
liquid cooler

Power: 30 W - 300 W

DESCRIPTION The Delvalle stainless steel thermoelectric cooler can be supplied in various types. from 3oW to 300W, with a protection up to IP67 between the inside and outside of the ...

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rotary cooler / air / liquid / industrial
rotary cooler

... FEATURES: - Drum can be driven via chain or through friction drive, depending on application. - Available in mild or stainless steel. - Internal flighting and lifting sections customized for your ...

water cooler / for cheese / stainless steel
water cooler

... with the desired temperature with plate exchanger. All of mozzarella pool is manufactured from AISI-304 quality stainless steel. It can be easily washed with hatch system on top and CIP ball. Cooling ...

liquid chiller / for the food industry / stainless steel
liquid chiller

Power: 5,500 W
Maximum temperature: 3 °C - 90 °C

... is easy to keep clean - the spiral, the only component to come into contact with the product, is composed of an 18/10 stainless steel tube with a polished finish.