Stone cutting machines

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marble cutting machine / water-jet / CNC
marble cutting machine
BWJ series

X travel: 2,200, 3,200 mm
Y travel: 2,200, 4,400 mm

... water jet cutting system BWJ 3020. On the contrary to traditional classic cutting methods, water jet cutting system is more productive. Together with all soft materials you can also process ...

abrasive water-jet cutting machine / for composite materials / for aluminum / for titanium
abrasive water-jet cutting machine

X travel: 304 mm
Y travel: 304 mm
Cutting speed: 2,540 mm/min

... titanium, stone, carbon fiber, and G10 composite. The compact machine footprint combined with its comprehensive versatility makes the ProtoMAX an ideal abrasive waterjet for prototyping, educational applications, ...

abrasive water-jet cutting machine / for metal / for plastics / for stone
abrasive water-jet cutting machine

X travel: 3,048 mm
Y travel: 2,007 mm
Cutting speed: 12,700 mm/min

... crystal clear view of tool paths. Fastest cutting speeds and best precision compared to any competitive abrasive waterjet in the industry Backed by our exclusive IntelliMAX Software with real world cutting ...

metal cutting machine / for granite / fiber laser / for tubes
metal cutting machine

X travel: 375 mm
Y travel: 50 mm
Laser power: 500, 200 W

... Miyachi’s Sigma Laser Tube Cutting System is the ideal solution for precision laser cutting of medical hypodermic tubes and stents. Specifications 3 and 4 axis motion options 0.2 mm to 25 mm tube ...

metal cutting machine / for plastics / for stone / for glass
metal cutting machine
Primus series

Primus is a range of water jet cutting machines designed to meet the needs of companies searching for the maximum versatility. It offers the possibility to process a wide selection of materials from stone ...

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acrylic cutting machine / for aluminum / for fabrics / for ceramics
acrylic cutting machine

X travel: 6,002, 4,002, 3,002, 1,002 mm
Y travel: 2,002 mm

Watersonic- modern waterjet cutting systems for flexiblesingle-part and series production This separation process is an extremely efficient alternativeto milling and EDM processing. ...

stone cutting machine / rotary blade / disc / polishing
stone cutting machine

... XL is a top-end stone fab center, stone cutting machine and mitre saw in one. Thanks to the high-end linear guides and a non-vibrating steel frame, it ...

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Ghines Group srl
water-jet cutting machine / for metal / for glass / for marble
water-jet cutting machine
WING JET series

The WING JET is a CNC water-jet cutting machine that is specifically designed to significantly minimize overall dimensions, enabling piece loading and unloading on its three sides. Designed in a cantilever ...

granite cutting machine / fiber laser / CNC / automatic
granite cutting machine
StarCut Tube Series

X travel: 300, 600 mm
Y travel: 75 mm
Laser power: 6, 10, 15 W

... and easy-to-maintain wet cutting module New ROFIN cutting head with adjustable x/y gas nozzle and easy change of protection glass Off-center cuts and engravings can be realized in one step Workpiece removal ...

marble cutting machine / for granite / rotary blade / strap
marble cutting machine

The DONATONI cross cutting machines type DM1 mean the power to use advanced technologies for cutting strips of marble and granite to obtain processed of different sizes

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rubber cutting machine / for wood / for glass / for granite
rubber cutting machine

laser cutting machine is mainly for cutting nometal materials such as arcylic ,leaher ,MDF.garment .it canalso do the engraving but the precision is not higher as the lower power laser ...

fabric cutting machine / for wood / for glass / for stone
fabric cutting machine

X travel: 900 mm
Y travel: 600 mm
Cutting speed: 0 mm/min - 50,000 mm/min

... power laser tube. 2.DSP controlling system, rich functions, can effect engraving on plane, gradient engraving by 360 degree, cutting and drilling holes etc. 3.Owns functions of restoring from power off, continuation ...

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Jinan JinQiang Laser CNC Equipment Co; Ltd.
plasma cutting machine / for metal / for stone / CNC
plasma cutting machine

X travel: 2,250, 3,250, 4,250, 6,250 mm
Y travel: 1,100, 1,600, 2,100 mm
Cutting speed: 15,000 mm/min

A plasma cutting machine with integrated fume exhaust chambers and bolted-on cutting table The HACO Atlantic KOMPAKT has a sturdy welded monobloc frame structure, with integrated fume ...

water-jet cutting machine / for metal / for rubber / foam
water-jet cutting machine
Swift-Jet Series

X travel: 4,210, 2,710 mm
Y travel: 2,130 mm
Cutting speed: 0 mm/min - 15,000 mm/min

... in-house cutting. Swift-Jet is our new, affordable and easy-to-use waterjet profiling solution. Offering precision cutting and superior build quality, this smart machine can be used ...

diamond wire cutting machine / for metal / for stone / for composite materials
diamond wire cutting machine
DS750 NC

... production machine The diamond wire saw DS750 NC 4 is a modern diamond parting-off grinder Passage (HxW) is 120 x 435 mm, travel work area is 450 x 320 mm (X axis, Y axis) The diamond wire saw ...

stone cutting machine / rotary blade
stone cutting machine

X travel: 800 mm

highlights removeable feet incl. 350 mm diamond disc segm. incl. water pump incl. longitudinal fence incl. PRCD plug

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Zipper Maschinen
stone cutting machine / for industrial applications
stone cutting machine

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cantilevered cutting machine / for metal / for plastics / for stone
cantilevered cutting machine

X travel: 3,050, 4,000 mm
Y travel: 1,550 mm
Cutting speed: 0 mm/min - 10,058.4 mm/min

3 Axis NC Flying Bridge technology with Integrated Tank Ball Screw and rack and pinion motion system with automatic lubrication.

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Waterjet Corporation s.r.l.
stone cutting machine / rotary blade / CNC
stone cutting machine
MCM series

The most important issue in mosaic production is that the mosaic cutting process is made at sensitive tolerations. Kromaş's mosaic cutting machines are designed to cut accurately, have ...

aluminum cutting machine / for titanium / for steel / for stainless steel
aluminum cutting machine
6000 series

X travel: 2,032, 2,540, 3,048, 3,657, 4,572 mm
Y travel: 3,683, 1,524 mm
Cutting speed: 0.64 m/s

... are precision machined. This extremely rigid base reduces vibration and allows for the best cutting quality. Modular rail sections can be added for long machine lengths.

stone cutting machine / CO2 laser / CNC / engraving
stone cutting machine
VCT-1006ST, VCT-1325S

X travel: 1,300, 1,000 mm
Y travel: 900, 600 mm
Cutting speed: 0 mm/min - 6,000 mm/min

The CO2 laser cutting machine VCT- 1006LSD, VCT- 1390LSD Series is manufactured by VICUT - William International CNC Technology. The product is especially designed to be utilized in processing heavy materials. ...

stone cutting machine / laser / CNC / automatic
stone cutting machine

... pre set via a digital dial. At the end of the longitudinal cutting operations, the bench is turned 90 degrees and the machine finishes the pack of strips by transversal milling. The machine ...

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Barsanti Macchine
stone cutting machine / diamond wire / CNC
stone cutting machine
TD 25 G, M

All machines have cutting head positioning and rotation either by hand or electric.During cutting the travel speed on the machine track is automatically controlled by ...

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metal cutting machine / for granite / fiber laser / CNC
metal cutting machine

X travel: 375 mm
Y travel: 50 mm
Laser power: 200, 500 W

... users to customize the laser tube cutter according to the cutting application for both on and off axis cut geometries. The tube cutter may be configured with either a microsecond ...