Titanium milling cutters

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solid carbide milling cutter / thread / for steel / for titanium
solid carbide milling cutter

Diameter : 1 mm - 6 mm
Length: 39, 51 mm

... Thread Cutter. This tool is remarkable for the versatility of its field of application. For machining abrasive materials, the VHM Thread Cutter with anti-wear coating is recommended. ...

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DC Swiss
solid milling tool / burr / deburring / tungsten carbide
solid milling tool

... material. Can be used on a wide variety of material e.g. cast iron, steel <60 HRC, stainlees steel (INOX), nickel-based and titanium alloys, copper, brass and bronze.

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Karnasch Professional Tools GmbH
solid milling cutter / roughing / angle / coated
solid milling cutter
128517 series

Diameter : 6 mm - 30 mm

... dimension stability and longer tool life. It is applicable for machining of materials with very high strength and materials hard to machine, such as Titanium and its alloys. The milling ...

ball nose milling cutter / solid / burr / tungsten carbide
ball nose milling cutter

Diameter : 12.7 mm
Length: 70 mm

... latest cut technology, the new Radius Burr is suitable for use on a wide range of metals, alloys and other materials including titanium, bronze, stainless steel, cast iron and brass. Manufactured and inspected to strict ...

solid milling cutter / HSS-E / for titanium / 4-flute
solid milling cutter

Diameter : 6 mm - 20 mm

burr / solid carbide / roughing / finishing

Diameter : 2 mm - 16 mm
Length: 35 mm - 70 mm

... service life, thanks to the use of selected carbides* High cutting capacity * Very good chip removal * Reduced build-up of chips due to special grinding * Very soft cut due to optimal cutting geometry * ...