Unloading valves

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diaphragm valve / control / expansion / unloading
diaphragm valve
935 series

Temperature: -45 °C - 65 °C
Pressure: 46 bar

Series 935 valves are applied as temperature controls. • Applications include: - Desuperheating of discharge gas on compressors. In this case bulbs are mounted on the high pressure outlet of the ...

hydraulically-operated valve / unloading
hydraulically-operated valve

Pressure: 0 bar - 210 bar
DN: 1.25 in

Special for stone-unloading. This valve open first the rear door and then begins to lift the load. This action avoid an impact of load on rear door.It works by means of a hydraulic cartridge that is ...

unloading valve / plug / hydraulic / for oil
unloading valve
VD, VDP series

Temperature: -30 °C - 80 °C
Pressure: 0 bar - 350 bar
DN: 16, 10 mm

Two-pump unit unloading valves. Mounting: in-line or flange-mounted. Flow rate from 20 to 200 l/min Max working pressure 350 bar

cartridge valve / hydraulically-operated / screw-in / two-stage
cartridge valve
DWPB series

Temperature: -25 °C - 80 °C
Pressure: 0 bar - 250 bar
DN: 4 mm

Unloading Valves, Hydraulically ControlledDescriptionSeries DWPB-4N… cartridges are size 4, two stage, high performance pressure-unloading valves with an 3/4-16 UNF mounting ...

hydraulically-operated valve / for oil / in-line / double
hydraulically-operated valve

Pressure: 350 bar

Application Measuring valves are the essence of dualine lubrication systems. They are munted close to the lubrication points and hydraulically operated by pressure from the first and then the second of the two supply ...

pressure-control valve / compact / high-pressure / proportional
pressure-control valve
DA series

Pressure: 250 bar - 1,000 bar
Flow rate: 30 l/min - 180 l/min

Automatic unloading and regulating valve DA Probably the best spring-loaded pressure-control valve worldwide. When the adjusted operating pressure is exceeded, the valve ...

butterfly valve / lever / isolation / for water
butterfly valve

Temperature: -10 °C - 100 °C
Pressure: 16 bar
DN: 25 mm - 500 mm

eClass-No.:37010301 Application:Heating facilities Medium:Cold water, warm water, hot water, drinking water, process water, etc.

plug valve / pneumatically-operated / shut-off / propane
plug valve

Pressure: 27.6 bar
DN: 2 in - 3.25 in

... Emergency Shutoff Valves (ESVs) are designed for railcar protection during product transfer of Propane, Butane, and other Pressurized Fluids. It is attached to the shutoff valve on railroad tank cars. ...

hydraulic valve / small / symmetrical / pump
hydraulic valve

Pressure: 0 bar - 400 bar

Sunfab By-Pass / SBP is an unloading valve for the SAP/SCP pump providing remote switching between idling and operation. The By-Pass valve is used in installations where the power take ...

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Sunfab Hydraulics
piston valve / manifold / grease / discharge
piston valve
1000 series

Pressure: 0 bar - 138 bar

... Location of valve blocks within the manifold is not critical – however, it is recommended that the largest block be located next to the inlet block. Individual divider valve blocks have a sliding ...

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relief valve / hydraulically-operated / for oil / for pumps
relief valve
BUC series

Temperature: -15 °C - 70 °C
Pressure: 0 psi - 3,050 psi
DN: 0.75 in - 1.25 in

... to the cut in pressure, the valve directs the pump delivery to the accumulator and hydraulic system. An integral check valve prevents reverse flow through the valve from the accumulator. ...

unloading valve / with handwheel / flange / steel
unloading valve
KSSplus Howell-Bunger®

Temperature: 40 °C
Pressure: 10 bar
DN: 400 mm - 2,000 mm

Bottom-outlet valve as end-of-line valve for very high discharge rates with a largely linear control characteristic. For cavitation-free discharge in all control positions. ...

hydraulically-operated valve / pressure-control / flange / unloading
hydraulically-operated valve

Pressure: 0 bar - 350 bar
DN: 25 mm
Flow rate: 0 l/min - 300 l/min

Series VR5U08 Nominal Size Inch 1" mm 25 Maximum Flow gpm 80 lpm 300 Maximum Pressure psi 5000 bar 350 Mounting Flange

gate valve / pneumatically-operated / regulating / for gas
gate valve
PV 6241 series

Pressure: 16 bar - 40 bar
DN: 50 mm - 150 mm

Nominal diameter DN 50....150, Nominal pressure PN 16...40 Three-way design Body material: GP-240 GH GJS-400-18-LT, GX5CrNiMo19-11-2 Kvs value adjustable in gate B Cone can be rotated 80° Vacuum-resistant on re-circulation side Re-circulation ...

diaphragm valve / for air / unloading
diaphragm valve

Temperature: 0 °C - 65 °C
Pressure: 0 psi - 200 psi
DN: 15 mm - 80 mm

Similar to Maxiair® but features discharge throttling valve. Ideal for deep well applications. Temp Max: 150° F (65C) Inlet Pressure Max: 200 PSI

unloading valve / pump
unloading valve

Pressure: 240, 250, 350 bar
Flow rate: 50, 80, 4, 160 l/min

... capability up to 350 bar [5,080 psi]. - Type of sequence valve that uses a remote pressure signal to unload a circuit. - Commonly used for unloading an accumulator charging circuit or unloading ...

butterfly valve / manual / mild steel / powder
butterfly valve
VFS series

DN: 265, 315 mm

Mild steel butterfly valve for handling powders, commonly used as discharge valve under silos is recommended for heavy duty applications. The valve can be supplied with ...

Iris® valve / manual / regulating / for chemicals
Iris® valve
H series

DN: 100 mm - 300 mm

... compact valve has been fitted to many thousands of IBC’s the world over. Its popularity with operators is owed to its ease of operation, reliability and excellent regulation of discharge rates. Construction 100mm, ...

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slide valve / electric / shut-off / metering
slide valve

Discharge sliders ASS Discharge sliders by ULMATEC are used when dusts to medium-grained bulk material are to be shut off or dosed. The discharge slider is chosen based on the bulk goods ...

hydraulically-operated valve / for oil / unloading
hydraulically-operated valve
MRQA series

Pressure: 0 bar - 350 bar
Flow rate: 0 l/min - 40 l/min

... guarantees pressure maintenance in the circuit. A check valve, incorporated in the panel or available as a plate under the valve MRQA/C, prevents the accumulator unloading through the ...

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Duplomatic Oleodinamica
hydraulically-operated valve / purge / for oil / with threaded connection
hydraulically-operated valve

Pressure: 0 bar - 315 bar

The type UZSZ-8 is a bleeder valve that is used to remove pressure by force in port P. It is generated by a mechanical hydraulic system. This valve is specifically manufactured for base plate installation ...

knife gate valve / pneumatically-operated / for oil / for bulk materials
knife gate valve
C series

... rectangular shaped knife gate valve. Welded construction manufacturing. USE Used for powders, pellets and granulates hoppers evacuation. Pneumatic transport on square lines. The standard working pressure for this ...

butterfly valve / manual / pneumatically-operated / aluminum alloy
butterfly valve
VPP series

DN: 100 mm - 400 mm

... gearmotor Butterfly valves are used for closing containers, hoppers and silos containing powder or granular materials. Emptying and sealing, container, hopper or silo closure containing powdered or granulated materials Unloading ...

potable water valve / with actuator flange / actuated / unloading
potable water valve

Pressure: 10 bar - 16 bar

Motorized discharge valve for the discharge of automatic filters working under heavy duty conditions.