Vertical mixers

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planetary mixer / batch / solid/liquid / powder
planetary mixer

Positive displacement mixer for free-flowing solids / bulk solids Free overhung shaft without product contacted bearing unit Minimal clearance between agitator and vessel keeps wall clear ...

ribbon mixer / batch / for liquids / for the chemical industry
ribbon mixer

Capacity: 3 l - 10,000 l

Versatile mixer for the production of creams, ointments, emulsions, toothpaste, mascara, etc. Industries: cosmetics, pharmaceuticals The UNIMIX system: patented PARAVISC impeller with homogenizer S-JET or ...

rotary drum mixer / batch / for liquids / for the food industry
rotary drum mixer

Capacity: 3 l - 10,000 l

Versatile mixer for the production of creams, ointments, emulsions, toothpaste, mascara, etc. Industries: cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, foods The UNIMIX system: patented PARAVISC impeller with homogenizer S-JET ...

rotary drum mixer / continuous / for the food industry / stainless steel
rotary drum mixer
VM series

... stainless-steel structure. Vertical 2-axis system offering uniform vacuum mixing♪ (1)3-bag mixer can operate with just 20 kg Achieves uniform mixing with loads from 20 kg to 75 ...

paddle mixer / batch / for concrete / vertical
paddle mixer
R 0.5

Capacity: 0.5 m³

The ring-pan mixer R 0.5 is suitable for standard concretes and the smallest batch sizes. Due to the special design, this mixer is very compact and achieves good mixing results.

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paddle mixer / batch / solid / for concrete
paddle mixer

Capacity: 60 l

Compact mortar mixer with 3-action paddle. Specifically designed for mixing self-levelling material, fiber reinforced material and concrete repair material. Drum capacity 60 l.

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IMER International SPA
V mixer / batch / granulates / for the plastics industry
V mixer

The vertical mixers “MVP” series are designed to mix large quantities of plastic granules. The series has a solid steel structure (externally painted) with 4 supporting legs. A builtin mixing ...

ribbon mixer / vertical
ribbon mixer
0.05~30,000 Liter

... mechanical and thermal stress, which makes this type of mixer a good solution for fragile and heat sensitive product. Vertical Blender can promise perfect mixing homogeneity, ...

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Shuanglong Group Ltd.,Co
plowshare mixer / batch / powder / vertical
plowshare mixer

... protected design High Shear Mixer MGT The high shear mixer MGT is designed for mixing, granulating and sieving of pharmaceuticals powders, granules and a wide range of cosmetics and food products. ...

combined heating/cooling mixer / plowshare / batch / powder
combined heating/cooling mixer
Flex-line M, Flex-line K Series

Capacity: 413 l - 8,048 l

For 40 years the proven standard to meet the highest requirements on mixing quality also for demanding tasks relating to dry blending, compounding, coating etc. Excellent mixing quality and outstanding ...

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MTI-Mischtechnik International GmbH
metering mixer / conical screw / batch / vertical
metering mixer

The DVX series dosing systems with vertical mixer can be directly installed on the processing machine. The mixer can be fitted with a vertical mixer. ...

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conical screw mixer / ribbon / batch / for liquids
conical screw mixer
SBM series

Capacity: 500, 1,200 l

... connection flange in the bottom for the discharge of the mixer. The mixing tool, designed as a ribbon blender, has bearings only on the top. Therefore there are no sealing elements in the product mixing ...

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Zeppelin Silos & Systems
ribbon mixer / continuous / powder / vertical
ribbon mixer

... application. The mixing type may include one of the following: Ribbon Blenders Lindor Blenders Ploughshare Blenders Fluidising Paddle Blenders Double ...

conical screw mixer / batch / for liquids / vertical
conical screw mixer
0.8 - 1.5 rpm | A series

Vertical Blenders are an excellent design alternative for applications that are shear sensitive or where space on the plant floor is at a minimum. The gentle blending action of the slow ...

turbine agitator / batch / vertical / air-driven
turbine agitator
TYPE 46-730

Air-powered, geared agitators TECHNICAL DETAILS Type 46-730 (0.55 kW, 300 rpm) Depending on material, for use with: MDG 45, MDG 60, MDG 90, MDG 120, MDG 250 Also available with oil lubrication

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Walther Pilot
dynamic agitator / batch / adhesive / paint
dynamic agitator

Capacity: 40, 90, 100 l


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batch mixer / double cone / solid/liquid / stainless steel
batch mixer

... 0.8 μm - Blender individually exchangeable: Container, drum, double cone, special containers - Further optional functions: Spraying system, NIR, active tools - Blending drive: frequency-controlled ...

single-shaft mixer / paddle / batch / granulates
single-shaft mixer

Single Shaft Paddle Mixers The strict demands posed on the mixer in the processing industry were the starting point for the development of the Ottevanger high accuracy mixers. One ...

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paddle mixer / for the chemical industry / vertical / vacuum
paddle mixer
HAD,MPM,ML series

MULTIPURPOSE MIXER The MULTIPURPOSE MIXERS are ideal for many types of production processes. This range of mixers can be provided with a particular combination of mixing ...

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Molteni Mixer
turbine mixer / solid/liquid / for sludge and lime / vertical
turbine mixer

New pre-treatment – highly effective and energy-efficient slurry mixing BioBuster® is designed to improve the mixing of slurry that has a high dry matter content.

conical screw mixer / batch / granulates / powder
conical screw mixer
CV series

Capacity: 50 l - 5,000 l

... The conical mixer is used for mixing and homogenizing of powders and pastes, granulation and agglomeration of powders, as well as crystallization.Thanks to the rotating arm, the mixing ...

paddle mixer / batch / for the food industry / stainless steel
paddle mixer
RS 450

Capacity: 450 l

... Constructed entirely of stainless steel accurately polished, it adds the unequalled advantage of the mixing system with intersecting mixing paddles and the frontal automatic discharge of the product, allowing output directly ...

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paint mixer / turbine / paddle / batch
paint mixer
54-xxx series

Capacity: 5, 55 gal

5 Gallon Mixers Specifications: The 5 Gallon Mixers are available in a hand mixer as well as 3 different style pail mixers. Hand Mixers: 54-110 5 ...

dynamic blender / batch / for the food industry / vertical
dynamic blender

Capacity: 0.5 l - 3.8 l

- 4 l mixer - machine body: aluminium alloy, jug and dispenser: strong heat resistant polysulphone, ball bearings & blade unit shaft: stainless steel, knife blades: high grade knife steel - machine washable jug, scale ...

dynamic mixer / batch / solid/liquid / construction
dynamic mixer

Capacity: 100 l

Mixing of all kind of mortars with individual mixing time Standard delivery : Mixing pan with central mixing shaft an drive electric control Option. ...

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UELZENER Maschinen GmbH
turbine agitator / biogas / vertical
turbine agitator

... possible. Adjustment: Vertical adjustment is possible through upper link. Gas-tightness: A rubber sealing membrane, secured by a metal ring fastened to the membrane ensures a gas-tight installation. Through the ...

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Suma Rührtechnik
vertical mixer / conical screw / batch / high-speed
vertical mixer

GARDNER Vertical Mixers are fast, accurate and versatile and are particularly suited to the mixing of free-flowing, heat sensitive or fragile products. Available in a full range of sizes ...